Social Media


Write about… “Does Facebook finally have enough emojis — or would you like “dislike”? #FacebookReactions”

It´s almost unbelievable the importance we give today in our daily lives to social media, as if we we´re disconnected from ourselves, delegating and exteriorizing our interior frustrations psychically upon the lives of everyone else. The internet provides so much information that we literally get information overload and yet we release it through more online surfing in social media. Our generation and the people alive today demand and utilize social media as a way of feeling attached and connected to someone when in reality we are losing social skills and becoming technological introverts and every other dimensional expressive category in between.

Obviously, that is this society’s main characteristic today, and although is appalling and wonderful, it can be terrifying and overwhelming as well. We need it, we are already past the point of no return, in other words we could not go back and give it up, it is pre-programmed into our conscious and unconscious life´s and it will only get worse. The transition is well under way and as humans technology is quickly becoming our friend, partner, confidant, companionship and even our very shadow for it follows us everywhere we go.

So comfortably integrated in our life´s , least not forget the ever better and simple pleasures of taking walks, admiring a sunset, the stars, and the ocean and mountains, the fresh breeze and the peaceful resting pleasure of a Saturday afternoon´s nap, the smile of the people we love and respect, the constant change of things in time where truth and courage are forever the essence of this cycle, the essence of the lessons learned and the pragmatic sense of reality in a world where nothing seems legit or even certain in a given set of circumstances or in any given set for that matter.

Time is also an illusion, no time like the Present.


Climate Change


Let´s face it ! the world in immersed already in a very difficult situation regarding climate change. It has dawned upon us as the light of a new day, so quickly we really never had the chance to realize it much less do something about it. For most, Climate Change is the topic of relevance, the news invading our world and the effects being felt on the weather and it´s extremes, whether it´s rain, snow, sunlight, heat, cold, wind, dust, and whatever measure of tangible demonstration we can understand. However, Climate Change has been going on for quite some time with a clear perception in measurable empirical data since the sixties and increasing every year after.
But we are on a spiral down free fall because the people in charge, that is us essentially baby boomers are doing less than nothing to stop and further prevent incremental effects and as of today, continue to mass produce and consume as much as we can as if there were no future at all in fact, some dire predictive models are yielding just that, a blink dark and hostile future which will be poisonousness to our kind, as a matter of fact some places on earth are exponentially harmful already due to CO2 levels and the like. This of course not counting in the leaked radioactive materials in our oceans, the accumulated chemtrails on our atmosphere and whatever other compounds of senseless poison being tried out on us out of greed, power and simple ignorance for years and years.
So, what is the human race to do? obviously, we can´t just excuse ourselves and go on, the damage has been done and I am afraid is already way too late to make a change that will save this generation and maybe even the next besides, we would have to be in the now and today making extreme changes to our behaviour, to our processes and things we deem valuable in life. We are hardly willing to change even a small detail like rising a bit earlier in the morning to allow additional chores to our schedule none the less major changes which we are in dire need to be able to adjust the explosive growth population ratio and everything else this implies in terms of supplies, management, governing policies laws and by-laws, and of course our own individual comfort zones so much a part of us that is more likely to die with us than to provoke and manifest a change on a massive scale like the one we need today.
Keep in mind that consciousness means being aware and by far to each person added the level of consciousness on a massive scale is hardly higher than a group of sheep for all practical purposes and everyone is soo concerned about their own interest and profit, which renders any positive intention of change fruitless and just deepens to a new level our condition on a daily basis.
All we can do is start with ourselves even if it´s only to stop a running faucet while we wash our hands, stop from loitering, consuming less and becoming more aware of our surroundings each day.
The earth is our only home, do you honestly think we have a shot to survive and provide a future for the new generations in the conditions we live today? Think about it.


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