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Do you treat life as if Life were a stumble in our everlasting path? as if life was just another opportunity to party…? can you even fathom it´s reach? …that which is clearly beyond our comprehension,.. that which is clearly beyond our human reach? … Don´t flatter yourself ! Seldom do we stare at reality,.. seldom do we even question it;.. seldom do we recognize it´s true intrinsec value as if… we were but endless in the present condition…physical life goes by in a blink of an eye and what is life but it´s precious moments, the consequences of it´s decisions, the result of it´s actions and the balance of a never ending paradigm of mystery enclustered in clever disguise and magnificent craftiness, led on this plane by an antique source of wisdom, wordly wisdom in this case that is…the first questioning ever raised against humanity in Divine Forum giveth that throghout our history we have complied to the letter against our better purpose and that of the fundamental original charge…as the afterlife still is and for most will forever be beyond their grasp.

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