Leonardo DaVinci Revealed 3 Routine Secrets You Can Use to Become One of the Top 1% Thinkers.

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Source: https://medium.com/mind-cafe/ By: Noorain Ali We all know da Vinci for painting the famous artwork “Mona Lisa.” Since 1797, the Louvre gallery has housed many works by Da Vinci, including the Mona Lisa. But Vinci wasn’t just a usual painter that you can purchase for $50. Leonardo da Vinci was a scientist, a thinker, an artist, and a […]


3 Rewarding Books I Read (At Least) One Page from Every Single Day.

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Insightful wisdom worth rehashing for a lifetime Source: https://baos.pub/3-rewarding-books-i-read-at-least-one-page-from-every-single-day Photo by MART PRODUCTION: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-man-in-green-knit-cap-sitting-on-a-bench-reading-a-book-7252753/ By: Neeramitra Reddy A whopping 6000+ thoughts zap through our brains daily. So even the most valuable of ideas and insights get lost in the stormy sea of our minds. Only through regular rereading will such goldmines stay alive — lodging deeper and deeper into […]

11 Strange Questions That Might Change How You Live

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Source: https://medium.com/personal-growth By: Sinem Günel Photo by nikita on Pexels They’re challenging but worth answering. If your life is anything like mine, you’re answering dozens of questions each day. You’re replying to emails and text messages, are completing forms, and are probably even explaining the same things daily because your colleagues or clients usually ask the same […]

Boring Things You Can Do to Make a Lot More Money and Work Less

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Photo by Diyar Shahbaz on Unsplash Source: https://medium.com/ By: Tim Denning “Filthy rich and burned out sucks. Moderately wealthy and free is heaven.” Those who understand money, understand the universe. But life isn’t all about money, although mastering it can sure make things more interesting. That’s the challenge with money. Making more money is boring so it’s easy to never […]

7 Signs of Digital Stress and How to Handle It

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The world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, digital platforms, and the internet. This growing reliance on technology has given rise to a concept known as ‘digital stress’. But this condition is nothing new. The term was originally dubbed ‘techno-stress’ in the 1980s and 1990s. It was first coined in 1986 by Brod, who defined this […]

Italy’s Quest for the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia

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The Ark of the Covenant, the holiest of artifacts known to house the Ten Commandments, supposedly existed 3,000 years ago. Tradition indicates that Nebuchadnezzar stole it and destroyed it when the Babylonians sacked Jerusalem and plundered King Solomon’s Temple in 586 BCE. However, some experts believe that the real Ark survived. The most credible theory […]

5 Things People Regret Later in Life

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Editorial rights purchased via iStock Photos Source:https://medium.com/mind-cafe/ By: Sean Kernan Don’t get caught living in your own haunted house. You’ll be surprised by some of the things you regret. It is often random scenes, moments that shouldn’t be significant in the grand scheme of life, but cling to your psyche like a disease. There are other, […]

5 Stupid Productivity Tips That Usually Don’t Work

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Source: https://medium.com/personal-growth By: Sinem Günel Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels I started to study productivity when I was 20 years old and ever since tried any “productivity hack” under the sun. Yet, I still make mistakes, I mindlessly scroll through news feeds, and “waste time” each week. And what I noticed is that many “productivity tips” make us feel […]

The 12 Most Powerful Places On Earth With The Strongest Spiritual Energy

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Source:https://awarenessact.com/ “We make energy connections at sacred sites, like tuning in a radio, by concentrating your awareness, quieting your mind and tuning your entire being to the ‘energy broadcast’ of the power point.” – Martin Gray, Sacred Sites and Power Points  But where do you find that connection or that peace that will force you to interact […]