Italy’s Quest for the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia

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The Ark of the Covenant, the holiest of artifacts known to house the Ten Commandments, supposedly existed 3,000 years ago. Tradition indicates that Nebuchadnezzar stole it and destroyed it when the Babylonians sacked Jerusalem and plundered King Solomon’s Temple in 586 BCE. However, some experts believe that the real Ark survived. The most credible theory […]

5 Things People Regret Later in Life

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Editorial rights purchased via iStock Photos Source: By: Sean Kernan Don’t get caught living in your own haunted house. You’ll be surprised by some of the things you regret. It is often random scenes, moments that shouldn’t be significant in the grand scheme of life, but cling to your psyche like a disease. There are other, […]

5 Stupid Productivity Tips That Usually Don’t Work

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Source: By: Sinem Günel Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels I started to study productivity when I was 20 years old and ever since tried any “productivity hack” under the sun. Yet, I still make mistakes, I mindlessly scroll through news feeds, and “waste time” each week. And what I noticed is that many “productivity tips” make us feel […]

The 12 Most Powerful Places On Earth With The Strongest Spiritual Energy

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Source: “We make energy connections at sacred sites, like tuning in a radio, by concentrating your awareness, quieting your mind and tuning your entire being to the ‘energy broadcast’ of the power point.” – Martin Gray, Sacred Sites and Power Points  But where do you find that connection or that peace that will force you to interact […]

The Real Enemy Is Yourself. Here’s How to Win the War Against Your Three Biggest Enemies.

Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash Tim Denning When we learn how to tackle all three, optimal productivity can be reached. Self-improvement isn’t about comparing the best morning routines. Or your favorite place to take a cold shower and read the 4-hour workweek. The only person you’re up against in life is you. Mental illness taught me that. For […]

The depression paradox: Treatments are better, but prevalence remains the same

Treatments for depression have significantly improved since the 1980s. So why isn’t the rate of depression decreasing? Credit: Yay Images / Adobe Stock Source: Stephen Johnson Since the 1980s, treatments for major depressive disorder have improved and become more available. Despite these improvements, the prevalence of depression in recent decades has largely remained stagnant. A recent review […]

Nvidia’s New Supercomputer Will Create a ‘Digital Twin’ of Earth to Fight Climate Change

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It’s crunch time on climate change, and companies, governments, philanthropists, and NGOs around the world are starting to take action, be it through donating huge sums of money to the cause, building a database for precise tracking of carbon emissions, creating a plan for a clean hydrogen economy, or advocating for solar geoengineering—among many other initiatives. But according to Nvidia, […]

The 17 Habits Of Truly Wealthy People

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Source: Photo by Ali Pazani from Pexels “Every luxury must be paid for, and everything is a luxury, starting with being in this world” — Cesare Pavare In November 2020, I read a book that changed everything: Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals: Thomas C. Corley It is my favorite book at the moment because […]