Here’s 12 Intense Pictures From Carl Jung’s Red Book.

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Carl Jung’s Red Book is filled with absolutely amazing art the famous psychologist composed privately for years. Here’s 12 of the best images. Therapist, philosopher, speaker to the dead: was there anything Carl Jung couldn’t do? It just so happens that he also had a knack for image-making. By “knack,” we mean he was pretty damn good, not […]

The Daily Routines of the World’s Creative Geniuses

By Thomas Oppong on Sunday February 19th, 2017 What Made Our Most Influential Figures Successful? There is no single path to insane greatness. Picasso and Gogh are both artistic geniuses, but they pursued very different routines to stay prolific. Success is more a deliberate practice of what works than a serendipitous streak of luck or privilege. The […]