Want to Know the Greatest Determining Factor of Your Success? Read This Immediately.

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I’m not especially talented. There are far better writers out there than me. They also have better college degrees, better connections, better ideas, and probably sexier abs than I do. But where other writers beat me in talent, I rely on the only big guns I have: my obsessive commitment to taking action, every single day. See, what […]

Time Management Really Is About Self-Management.

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The idea of time management is typically defined as one’s ability to use time productively and efficiently, especially in cases such as school and work. However, David Allen, productivity consultant and the inventor of the “Getting Things Done” method, says time management is a misleading term. “You can’t manage time anyway. Time just is,” David said. “But […]

The 4 Best Ways to Earn Income Writing in 2018 (and the 3 Worst).

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In the past month, I’ve made more money from my writing than the previous 4.5 years combined. In 54-ish months, I made a grand total of $40ish dollars. I miraculously sold a few cheap eBooks, and…that was it. I was profoundly frustrated — I was spending hundreds of hours writing hundreds of posts that got virtually 0 views, 0 followers, […]

Let your life teach you what you need to know.

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Why outside self-help advice just can’t compete with your own life’s lessons. Self-help stuff comes in handy now for those of use who are interested in improving our lives and becoming our best selves. Or at least at first glance. They’re out there. All packed out beautifully, promising to show us unknown paths that send us […]

Becoming Incredibly Successful Means Saying No to the Wrong Money.

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The wrong money will keep you in mediocrity. “People are unhappy in large part because they are confused about what is valuable.” -William Irvine Most people are making the “wrong” kind of money right now. The wrong money is any money earned while doing tasks that are irrelevant to your Big Goals. Wrong money is […]

3 Surprising Secrets to Maintaining Your Focus.

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The answer isn’t working harder — it’s how you work that matters. You’re probably too busy to read this article. You probably have at least 20 other browser tabs open right now (I’m ashamed to say I have 28 open as I’m writing this). You probably have a to-do list filled with other things you should be doing. […]

How A Sticky Note On My Bathroom Mirror Massively Impacted My Life.

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Focus is a hard thing to obtain. There are just so many things buzzing around in our heads. It’s the digital age we live in. I thought I’d have a go at focusing on one thing. At 8 am one morning before work, I got out a yellow posted note and wrote the following: I, […]