The Most Beautiful Romance Novels of All Time.

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A few days before the celebration of Valentine’s Day, let’s remember some of the most memorable love stories novels, novels that made us dream, laugh, cry, sigh, but most of all they occupy an important place in the history of literature. Here a brief list of some of the most remembered.  Enjoy reading and fall […]

How To Digest Books Above Your “Level” And Increase Your Intelligence.

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Source: By:Ryan Holiday To do great things, you have to read to lead. The best advice I’ve ever got about reading came from a secretive movie producer and talent manager who’d sold more than 100 million albums and done more than $1B in box office returns. He said to me one day, “Ryan, it’s not enough that […]

How to Read the Right Way: A Complete Guide.

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Source: By:Melissa Chu Reading is dead. The nature of books has evolved. Society and technology have changed. Forcibly, our approach to reading has taken on new forms to accommodate a different way of life. The question is: For better or worse? Although books give us new ideas, spark discussions, and explore topics in detail, the […]

20 Powerful Books to Increase Your Growth in 2019.

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Source: By: Jake Wilder Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash “Writers open our hearts and minds, and give us maps to our own selves, so that we can travel in them more reliably and with less of a feeling of paranoia or persecution,” said Alain de Botton in his four-point perspective on the importance of reading. And while the Internet […]

Top Learnings from 43 books I’ve read in 2018.

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Source: By:Sinem Günel Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash I’ve read a lot in 2018. I didn’t manage to crush my goal of reading 52 books but I came close to it. Through reading 43 books in 12 months I’ve collected many learnings, a lot of inspiration and highly valuable quotes — which I want to share in this post. […]

2018 Year In Review.

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Best books, posts, lessons learned and more. Source: By:Kris Gage Photo:“Houndstooth,” TAYLOR WHITE “Year in Review” An end-of-year exercise in which a person (or company, couple, etc.) reviews the previous calendar year and summarizes key points. Many people do this exercise using “what went well,” “what didn’t,” and/or goals (especially S.M.A.R.T. ones), and I guess I kinda do too. But, thing is: “Year reviews” […]

How to Spend The First Hour of Your Work Day on High-Value Tasks.

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Don’t begin the activities of your day until you know exactly what you plan to accomplish. Don’t start your day until you have it planned. — Jim Rohn Every morning, get one most important thing done immediately. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling like you’re already in the flow. And the easiest way to trigger this […]