Five Productivity Tips from CEO (and Factory Floor Sleeper) Elon Musk.

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It’s been a rough couple of days for poor Elon. Tesla has had to halt production on its Model 3 cars, making stocks drop and concerning investors. In an effort to catch up to those deadlines (and exceptions) it has failed to hit, Musk has taken it upon himself to oversee changes to the Model 3 production […]

What Koko The Gorilla Says in LESS than 2 Minutes: HUMANITY Take This EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY!

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Everything that is essential for humans to survive comes from nature; this includes the food people eat, water and livelihoods. However, humans take more than their fair share. Humanity should take note of what Koko the gorilla had to say as she made more sense than politicians and any other human being on the planet […]

This is how your blood type is associated with your personality.

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Here’s what your blood type reveals about the kind of person you may be. The association between blood types and your personality has always been a matter of great interest among scientists as they have observed some definite traits which go along with certain blood types. The observations gained traction even more after a study […]

12 Costly Mistakes You Need to Stop Making When Traveling.

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If you love traveling as much as we do, you probably have your own set of rules about saving money during a trip. But if the first place you look for in the airport is the currency exchange or taxi stand, then you should check our list of the worst mistakes people make when traveling. It will help you to save more money that you can then spend […]


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Pictures speak louder than words! #16 Road to success Success is synonymous with money these days. It is quite ironic that people who have money can get anything done instantly, from buying a pizza to taking a bail for killing someone! #15 The Food We Eat In order to make a profit, we are selling […]


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A man overwhelmed with grief upon learning that his brother had died. #18 The Savior A firefighter offering water to a Koala bear after devastating bushfire dangered many koalas in Victoria, Australia 2009. #17 Father-Son Relationship A son trying to pull up his wasted father from the ground. #16 The Mars Sunset on Mars looks […]

90 cosas que eran aceptables en los 90 pero hoy ya no.

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1. Discutir y pensar respuestas a preguntas inciertas que ahora podemos encontrar en Google en 10 segundos. 2. Entrar a la cabina de mando de un avión y quedarse flipando. Ahora ya es difícil sorprender a los niños. 3. Las mil y una películas de gladiadores que habían. ¿Dónde han quedado las películas de gladiadores? 4. Los parques […]