Nvidia’s New Supercomputer Will Create a ‘Digital Twin’ of Earth to Fight Climate Change

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It’s crunch time on climate change, and companies, governments, philanthropists, and NGOs around the world are starting to take action, be it through donating huge sums of money to the cause, building a database for precise tracking of carbon emissions, creating a plan for a clean hydrogen economy, or advocating for solar geoengineering—among many other initiatives. But according to Nvidia, […]

New Sighting Of Migaloo, The Only White Humpback Whale In The World.

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Source: https://scientificmindset.com/ BY HASNAIN A white whale has been spotted off the Victorian coast, sparking hopes the “rock star” humpback Migaloo has returned to Australian waters. Photos have surfaced showing the whale swimming off Victoria state’s south coast, sending a lot of Migaloo fans into a frenzy. Migaloo was initially sighted in 1991 and has been seen […]

A New Study Examines How Consciousness in the Universe is Scale Invariant and Implies an Event Horizon of the Human Brain.

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Source : https://www.resonancescience.org/ Article by William Brown, Biophysicist, Resonance Science Foundation Research Scientist A paper recently published in the Journal of NeuroQuantology presents a unitary holofractogramic model that is redefining scientists’ view of the physics of consciousness and the seamless interplay of information dynamics from the most fundamental levels of the universe to the living system and […]

Everything We Know About Tardigrades, the Only Animal That Can Survive in Space.

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All hail the water bears. Tardigrades are one of the most fascinating creatures on Earth—and the moon. Last year, the Israeli spacecraft Beresheet crashed on the moon, spilling thousands of the dehydrated tardigrades that scientists loaded onto the lander (along with human DNA samples), according to a WIRED report. The tardigrades were in “tun” form, a dormant […]

A Potato Battery Can Light Up a Room For Over a Month.

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Source : https://www.smithsonianmag.com/ By Tuan C. Nguyen A crop-based power system coming out of Israel is significantly cheaper than batteries, but why isn’t anyone interested? As one of the most ubiquitous crops in the world, the potato is poised to feed the entire world.  Along the way, scientists discovered that the popular staple of many people’s diets […]

The Human Brain Has been Getting Smaller Since the Stone Age.

Source:https://www.discovermagazine.com/ Yep, brains are shrinking. I don’t mean to alarm you, but the average human brain size is shrinking. And we can’t blame reality T.V. or Twitter. No, this decline began tens of thousands of years ago. It’s something of a well-known secret among anthropologists: Based on measurements of skulls, the average brain volume of Homo sapiens has reportedly decreased […]

Can a Computer Devise a Theory of Everything?

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Source:https://www.nytimes.com/ By Dennis Overbye It might be possible, physicists say, but not anytime soon. And there’s no guarantee that we humans will understand the result. Once upon a time, Albert Einstein described scientific theories as “free inventions of the human mind.” But in 1980, Stephen Hawking, the renowned Cambridge University cosmologist, had another thought. In a […]

If wormholes exist, could we really travel through them?

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Source:https://astronomy.com/ By Bill Andrews  The ultimate cosmic shortcuts could make space travel easier. But do they exist? Wormholes make the best shortcuts in the universe. That’s true in a literal sense, since the theoretical things can connect distant corners of the cosmos (or even different universes), allowing a traveler to go someplace without having to visit […]

The Most Famous Dogs of Science.

Source:https://www.smithsonianmag.com/ By:Courtney Sexton These iconic canines have helped scientists make key discoveries, from archeological finds to cures for disease. nthropologist Grover Krantz dedicated his body to science on the condition that his beloved Irish wolfhound Clyde went with him—he wanted their bond to be remembered and their skeletons to aid forensics research. Archaeologist Mary Leakey’s Dalmatians followed her to remote field sites where they […]