If wormholes exist, could we really travel through them?

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Source:https://astronomy.com/ By Bill Andrews  The ultimate cosmic shortcuts could make space travel easier. But do they exist? Wormholes make the best shortcuts in the universe. That’s true in a literal sense, since the theoretical things can connect distant corners of the cosmos (or even different universes), allowing a traveler to go someplace without having to visit […]

The 50 Things You Need to Do for a Relationship to Last.

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#1: Don’t map it out. Relationships should be natural and un-scripted; if virtually nothing else in life goes exactly according to plan, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment by expecting your relationship to unfold precisely as you intend it to. #2: Be forgiving. Whether you’re religious or not, it’s wise to heed the words […]


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Gargoyles Gargoyles are a form of monster that can be found in drawings and sculptures from very early times. They aren’t believed to have really roamed the Earth but to be a creation of what to fear in life. There are many versions of the gargoyles and they have even been portrayed as evil forces […]

Gargoyle Art

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Gargoyle Art The look of gargoyles can be scary to young children but most adults find them to be quite fascinating. Since medieval times they have been carved into stone in order to help offer protection from evil spirits and to keep rain away from structures. Gargoyles seem to have taken on a life of […]