Gargoyle Art


Gargoyle Art

The look of gargoyles can be scary to young children but most adults find them to be quite fascinating. Since medieval times they have been carved into stone in order to help offer protection from evil spirits and to keep rain away from structures. Gargoyles seem to have taken on a life of their own though as people began to come up with stories involving them.


The earliest forms of gargoyle art are found in the stone carvings that are still around the world today. Some are on top of large buildings including Churches and Cathedrals. From there they evolved into paintings, sculptures, and drawings. There are many great details to be found in the works of gargoyle art.

4 gargoyles

Some of them are only of the face and the head while others are of the entire body. You will find gargoyle art that depicts them with some human features and characteristics in their faces and bodies. This is often what is so appealing to most people as they seem to be a variation of real people from society. Some feature wings and even claws while others even have a tail.


Comparing different types of gargoyle art work can be time consuming but also quite fascinating. You may be able to learn what time period they are from due to the various details on them. You can also pick up information as to what particular part of the word they were from. Since religion often played a role in the look of gargoyles you can tell what religion the artist was as well.

super gargoyle concept

Many museums have gargoyle art work on display due to the period of time that they cover. It depends on where you are looking for such information. You can also find copies of fascinating gargoyle art in books and even on the internet. Some people find them interesting enough that they want to draw their own even though these objects aren’t very common in our society any more.


Some types of gargoyle art work are worth a great deal of money though. It depends on what collectors are looking for and the type of art work that it is. Regardless of if you are buying it or just looking at it, gargoyle art is definitely associated with a large part of our history in the world.


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