Gargoyles are a form of monster that can be found in drawings and sculptures from very early times. They aren’t believed to have really roamed the Earth but to be a creation of what to fear in life. There are many versions of the gargoyles and they have even been portrayed as evil forces to contend with in movies, books, and comics. Many of the early ones were made from stone and used to remove water from rain from the tops of buildings and structures.


In some cultures it is believed that the gargoyle statutes were used to ward off evil spirits that may be coming along in the dark hours of night. They were protectors of the villages and even of the crops that were in place by the people there. In early times people were much more superstitious than they are today. They believed that if evil spirits came into their lands they would destroy crops, cause illness, and cause other types of havoc that would result in the people suffering.


Disney has always been known for their popular shows and many were taken by surprise when they introduced the Gargoyles in 1994. It didn’t do as well as they planned though and the show was scrapped after a short run of just over two years. This was due to the controversial nature of the show. Many parents didn’t like this darker version of cartoons for the after school line up.

ggargoyle del hombre verde

They can be found in some movies though were good is to battle evil. If you want to read about them though you will find plenty of material around in comic books and history books. Some individuals are so fascinated by gargoyles that they travel around the world to see them up close and to take pictures. For the rest of us, a search of the on the internet may be the closest we will come to seeing them.


They do seem to be a type of scary scene to display for Halloween though. Many stores will carry very real looking ones. They may look like they are made from stone but it is really a type of foam. So they look heavy when they are very easy to move and to display in your yard.


3 thoughts on “Gargoyles

  1. Tal Siegrist says:

    I’m curious, do you know where the statue of the first gargoyle shown is located?


    • GigaWorld says:

      Hello, I have found that the earliest known medieval gargoyles appear on Laon Cathedral (c. 1200–1220).
      The Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church located in Laon, Aisne, Hauts-de-France, France.


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