50 Golden Rules.

1. Never handheld anyone without stand up.

2. In a negotiation, never do the first offer.

3. If you are trusted with a secret, keep it.

4. Return with full tank the car you borrowed.

5. Do things with passion or better not do them.

6. When you wave hand, make it firm and look into the eyes.

7. Live the experience of making a journey alone.

8. Never turn down a mint pill, the reasons are obvious.

9. Take advice if you want to get old.

10. Come over for lunch with the new person in the office.

11. When you text someone angry, finish and read it again, then delete it and do it again.

12. At the table don’t talk about work, politics or religion.

13. Be fair, defend those who are abused without abusing.

14. Write your goals and then work for them.

15. Defend your point of view without offending or insulting, be tolerant and respectful to others.

16. Call and visit your parents, children, family and friends, don’t waste time waiting for them to do it first.

17. Never regret anything, learn from everything.

18. In moments or days of solitude, relax, enjoy and learn.

19. Honor and loyalty are basic in your personality.

20. Don’t lend money to who you know won’t pay you.

21. Believe in something.

22. Lay your bed when you wake up in the mornings.

23. Sing in the shower.

24. Take care of a plant or garden.

25. Watch the sky whenever you can.

26. Discover your skills and exploit them.

27. Love your job, or leave it.

28. Ask for help when you need it.

29. Teach someone a value, preferably a child.

30. Rate and thank whoever tries your hand.

31. Be nice to your neighbors.

32. Make someone’s day more joyful.

33. Compete with yourself.

34. Treat yourself to something minimum once a year.

35. Take care of your health.

36. Say hello with a smile always.

37. Think fast, but speak slow.

38. Don’t speak with your mouth full.

39. Brush your shoes and trim your nails.

40. Don’t think about issues you don’t know.

41. Never mistreat an animal.

42. Raise your voice to injustices.

43. Never miss the wonderful opportunity to be quiet.

44. Acknowledge someone’s effort.

45. Be humble first of all.

46. Never forget where you come from.

47. Travel whenever possible.

48. Give way.

49. Dance in the rain.

50. Seek your success, without desisting.