Millennium Predictions

Millennium Predictions

Many predicted the start of the new Millennium, the year 2000 as the date of the apocalypse but fortunately it was not to be.

Even the millennium bug turned out not to be a problem with computers working perfectly after midnight despite claims of a worldwide crash.

So why all the hype? Was it simply the significance of a new millennium, which caused so may to make predictions on this date rather than clairvoyance?

Needless to there were hundreds of predictions made from the arrival of aliens to the coming of Christ some of which came true. Here are a few:

May 5th was the date upon which all the planets line up supposedly causing earthquakes, huge tides and volcano’s etc

Many also predicted the shifting of the poles would occur during 2000 also causing catastrophic events such as high tides, widespread electrical failure etc.

Instead of worrying about the end of the world, currently 2012, we should work together to make the best of the time we do have on this planet. As well as ensuring we pass it on to the next generation in the same condition as we received it.

In this way we may hold off the apocalypse for a long while yet. We are far more likely to suffer apocalypse through nuclear war, global warming, events which are preventable and within our control, than cosmic events which we have little control over such as asteroids or the suns expansion.


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