Competency and Self Mastery

Competency and Self Mastery

A level of competency is necessary to develop when one is working on self-mastery abilities and skills. Having the know how is developed on experience, events, and knowledge. By gathering information, you can build on knowledge by discovering the facts. Information gathering will, in time help you build skill, recognition, and self-mastery skills.

Self-mastery is becoming one of the major requirements for employees and employers in the business world. Because of the many problems, businesses are placing greater emphasis on education and learning. Some of the changes in business have lead to major changes and expectations. Businesses are supposed to be a place where people exchange ideas without conflicts. Many of the conflicts that take place in the businesses and real world are due to lack of professionalism. The world is moving rapidly toward Internet business whereas many companies are selling products, services, and so forth online. E-mails are being sent each day, which has posed issues. Many businesses are expecting employees to write professional electronic mails to promote their services or products. The problem with this is that the employee must learn proper marketing strategies, writing, and other skilled tasks to ensure that the connections are meet without complications. Internet providers will bar those that send emails in spam form, so company employees must learn to prevent, act, and respond to emails without violating the Internet providers’ rules and policies.

Therefore, new training is underway and employees and employers are encouraged to advance their professional growth by using their self-insight. Other issues are present that is causing a crisis, which is inspiring businesses to encourage employees and employers to adapt to professional attitudes. For example, Mexico’s financial system during 1995 was on the brinks of being completely in receivership. Mexico’s financial system was one-step away from complete bankruptcy because of its default on payments, which reached to billions of dollars.

One of the high officials, President Leon had no other recourse but to turn to communities internationally and to the United States, thus asking for assistance. This led to a treaty, which was signed amid the USA and Mexico. The USA issued a $20-billion dollar check, to help Mexico recover.

What caused this disaster was related to lack of professionalism. It was clear that Mexico’s prominent leader was instable. Because of the lack of structure in the financial system, major investors began withdrawing their funds. Mexican leaders attempted to reduce the sum of the peso, yet when they made this attempt, more disaster hit the financial system. The leaders had thought that the reduction of the pesos worth would increase sales. This problem alone led to many other problems, which leaders of the economy created error-packed policies for nomic that lead corruption and poverty, as well as familiar issues. The problem expanded, which led the country and the USA into facing major crime issues, such as trafficking, and political assassinations.

We see then that if these people were professionals that these problems could have been avoided. The unprofessional took a great toll on the country, which immediately after the Chiapas revolt. During this revolt, the Chiapas stood against authorities who were clearly corrupted. Immediately after, the massive corruption in the political sector erupted. One of the most prominent leaders in the country during 1994 died from a gun wound. Murrieta was announced dead at the scene of the crime. The young Martinez, a factory employee was later arrested. Vazquez later was also convicted.

Later that year another high politic leader was annihilated. Had there been professional growth in this scene, perhaps murder and other crimes would have been kept at bay. It is logical then to see that we need to develop professional growth in order to avoid such problems in the future.


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