Development and Maturity in Self Mastery How to expand the OCEAN through self-mastery

Development and Maturity in Self Mastery How to expand the OCEAN through self-mastery

Changes that occur because of maturity development and learning; we learn through the expansion of our knowledge, understanding, and many experts has proven that unremitting reading can expand these skills and abilities. Through remitting learning individuals, mature by expanding their comprehension. Expanding one’s comprehension can help individuals to learn more effectively.

Through learning, we mature and build self-mastery skills and abilities, so obviously learning are the essential key that will help one to expand their self-mastery skills and abilities. Learning is essential, since we learn from observation. Observational learning is the process that helps one to learn and reproduce behaviors that are exhibited in role models that one may mock. On the other hand, part of the maturity processes is biological, so we must consider the natural and genetic processes as well. Looking at the natural perspectives, maturity, self-development, and self-mastery takes the lead over learning, but on the psychological perception, learning takes the lead over maturation.

We can assess the “Five Factor Model of Personality”? By assessing these factors, one can discover the most essential factors, and the least important factors. As indicated by writer of Psychology, chapter 12, pg. 442 – the factors are diverse, Western tells us “theorists label” the five factors differently, yet the “lists are remarkably unswerving.” The identifying marks spell OCEAN, e.g. “openness, to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.” (OCEAN)

Openness, consciousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism blend to create the five factors in which these factors represent the combination of the several more detailed behaviors:” and that some take for granted that the most important factor is the “individual differences,” that appears in language. Pg. 442

Each of us can decide which factors are most essential for us to work through self-mastery. According to some opinions Openness is the Fantasy or “active fantasy life pg. 442 – ideas is the most important Experience – Highly important as it is the way we learn. Conscientiousness- Competence – determines the level of proactive abilities – deliberation – Extroversion- Positive Emotion – least excitement seeker Agreeableness – trust – least – tenderness – Neuroticism – least important and should avoid the negative – So, how do we blend the five factors in to a bulletproof solution that helps one to develop self-mastery skills and abilities? We consider the factors first, and equate the needs of human beings to consider what we must expand first.

OCEAN Broken down: Openness – means honesty, directness, sincerity, and the opposite is reticence. If one has reticence traits, thus this person must work toward developing openness by considering his or her experiences. Thus, working toward openness is the first step to building self-mastery skills. On the other hand, to manipulate the mind and work to openness, one has to stay aware of his or her actions and thoughts, feelings, et cetera. This requires building consciousness. So what do you do? You build awareness first obviously, but you must integrate the processes of building openness into your schemes. Extroversion – if you are isolated and have anti-social behaviors then you must develop sociability skills by learning to associate with positive influences. This step will help you with the processes of building self-mastery skills by expanding your openness and consciousness. The body and mind was work in union, thus you will need to balance the mind and body to achieve this level of understanding. Because neuroticism are affects caused by characteristics of psychological disorders, such as depression, hypochondria, or anxiety, you will need to eliminate this potential causes to work on openness, consciousness, extroversion, agreeableness, et cetera. We see that we have to work on all factors simultaneously in order to move through self-mastery development.

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