Issues in Moral Self Mastery and Development

We have many solutions to discover ways to improve our life. Many of the online support sites offer you help guides. These guides may offer you new approaches to help you connect your subconscious and conscious mind so they are dynamically in conformity.

One way of exploring your subconscious mind is to write your thoughts and feelings on paper. This will help you become freshly self-abreast, as well as increase your aptitude to track the advancement you are making while approaching self-mastery.

Since most people are “moral actors” in society, rather shaped by what others make them, it is important that you learn self-reliance to work on your self-mastery skills.

How do people shape others?
We can provide you with an example to help you see how this works.

One morning, early sunrise Babe rushed downstairs with her brother Rascal at her side…the two children headed for the kitchen while mom and dad continuing sleeping in their bed. The two children intended to head to the playroom, yet when Rascal caught sight of the kids playing outdoors, he…Babe…let’s go outside and play with those other kids, he stammered. Babe hesitantly held back, and reclaimed…Mom and dad will be mad at us if we leave the house without them knowing it. Rascal shot back with a near demanding tone saying, Come on Babe. Mom and dad won’t know. We can get back in the house before they wake up. We can play for a little while. Babe studying his suggestions- she hesitated – yet she finally gave in to her brothers demands. The two children head outdoors to play with the other children. Babe began to feel guilty and encouraged her brother to head back to the house. Her brother called her a chicken. Babe felt sad, yet her guilty conscious would not let go of the hold it had on her. Still, Rascal won the round.

Later of course, the two children were in trouble with their parents. What just happened in this scene is that one child was persuaded by the other child who used Suggestology to encourage his sister that they would not get in trouble. This happens everyday and not only to children, but also to adults. This defines moral actors.

Most people spend their lifetime trying to make everyone else happy that they forget that life is all about making the self-happy. Because most people become moral actors, it is often difficult for them to work through self-mastery, let alone understand what it means.

Recently, I asked ten people what they thought self-mastery was and each of them had their own reply. One out of nine people said they didn’t know. Only one person had a brief idea as to what self-mastery means.

Life is like a chess game and all of us are in it to play. Most people are pawns in this game of chance, and only a few works to become themselves rather than moral actors.

Becoming you is a part of self-mastery. When you become yourself, often you find more happiness and your way through life. Instead of being that pawn in a chess game, become the Queen and take the steps to protect, identify, and self-fulfill your own needs. You can do this by discovering what self-mastery means and then taking action to work in the direction of mastering your own mind, body, and emotions. That is what self-mastery is all about. In summary, when you take control over your mental, physical, and emotional states, you take self-mastery by the horn.

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