Aviation Museums


Aviation Museums

Aviation museums allow us to take a trip into the past and to see aircraft that was once used. Some of it is from the military while others are either private airplanes or commercial airplanes. As with any other form of transportation, the area of aviation has certainly changed and moved forward over the years and decades. You will likely have a deeper appreciation for it once you explore these earlier models.

Some of the various aviation museums out there are better known than others. This has to do with the types of aircraft they have in them. In Chino, California you will find the very popular Planes of Fame Air Museum. There are more than 150 aircraft here and they are all from various time frames in the military. This museum also sponsors some air shows each summer that draw large crowds as well.

The Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham, Alabama is a great one to explore as well. If you are interested in women and their role in aviation this is the museum to visit. They have many displays about women and how they were successful in the early areas of aviation as well. This is great for young girls to see so that they realize that women have made contributions to all aspects of society.

There are plenty of aviation museums around the world for you to explore. Go online and find out where they are located.  You may be surprised to find that there are some not too far away from you. If you will be traveling soon for work or business, you may be able to squeeze in a few hours at an aviation museum. They are very educational for people of all ages.

Most aviation museums are owned and operated by non profit organizations. While they do charge a small fee for entrance, that money is used to pay for necessities to keep the museums open. There are some aviation museums that see millions of visitors annually though so they do generate plenty to keep it operating.

Many of the aircraft you will find at these aviation museums have been donated instead of purchased. The are allowed to be displayed in order to honor the field of aviation. They also serve as a reminder of what creative minds can do when they start studying how things operate. Advances in aviation wouldn’t be possible without people willing to take a chance on new possibilities.

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