World Issues and Self Mastery

Self Mastery

World Issues and Self Mastery

The many socialism strife and issues we face around the world each day has put a dent on self-development and self-mastery. Social issues, such as racial discrimination amid 65’ and 75’ alone had reached to 8% and 14% during this era and each day the problem falls and rises to new levels. Racial discrimination is one of the leading troubles that we all must work through. Everyday someone is affected by racism in our workplace, schools, and other areas around the world.

It all falls back on human behaviors, perceptions, and conceptual thinking. Human behaviors are how one behaves and it is one’s responses to conceptual thoughts. The responses often develop from certain sets of conditions in our environment. Each day we are influenced by media, TV, peers, teachers, parents, and so forth. It all factors into how we behave. Biologically, one’s impulses, such as the need to eat and survive factor into the biological basis and affect one’s behaviors. Humans’ sexual impulses are another part of these biological foundations that affect our behavior. Caring for offspring plays into the biological roots as well. We must consider all of these aspects of human behaviors in order to work through self-mastery.

The psychodynamics in psychoanalytic terms is one’s way of dynamically interplaying with an entity’s mental responses to a given set of situations. It is part of what determines the way one thinks – feels, or desires. It connects to form opinions, thoughts, and so forth. All of this points to human behaviors and actions that develop from mental events that take place in one’s conscious mind. It includes the mental processes that cause conflict.

How behaviorist perceptions are considered:
Behaviorist perceptive materializes devoid of analytic perceptions that link to psychology and employs a choice of approaches to research human behaviors. Speaking on a psychological level, this method focuses on the exclusive processes of observational learning to understand how to help one modify and measure behaviors to achieve self-mastery. Materialist studiers focus on truth seeking through observation, and often believe that behaviors are declarations of the mental states in which something is actual true or possibly being authentic. In view of these thoughts, we see that we must develop our ability to reason, use logic, and think carefully before making any decision. It helps us to build self-mastery skills.

Our Forefathers’ of psychology outlined many great points, which focused on the psychodynamics and the dynamics, which one of these theorists was the Father of Psychology – Freud. According to Freud, psychodynamics is the interactions of emotional and motivational forces that affect one’s mental states, behaviors, et cetera, and particularly on a subconscious level. For this reason, we must consider that studying the subconscious mind may offer us answers to achieve self-mastery.

We must understand the mind – and how it works. In the deepest areas of the mind are details of our knowledge that has developed from our experiences and past events. We have to reveal these answers by exploring the mind. It helps us to understand and recognize the ways to make positive changes to reform one’s thinking and behaviors. We must let the currents take us into the conceptual grounds where the origins of our formation commenced; and that inspired our feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. The unconscious mind is a silent conservation according to some experts. This area of the mind flows into the streams of HSP. (Higher sensory-perceptions)

For this reason, the unconscious mind also stores and records information. It becomes apparent that unconscious conversations (Silent Communication) automatically, naturally produce something that forces our behaviors and thoughts to consider certain points. This silent mechanism shapes information and channels to one’s conscious mind in which if one develops the higher sensory-perceptions – he then can move to encouraging metavision, premonitions, metaudition, and telepathy thinking.


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