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Write about… “Does Facebook finally have enough emojis — or would you like “dislike”? #FacebookReactions”

It´s almost unbelievable the importance we give today in our daily lives to social media, as if we we´re disconnected from ourselves, delegating and exteriorizing our interior frustrations psychically upon the lives of everyone else. The internet provides so much information that we literally get information overload and yet we release it through more online surfing in social media. Our generation and the people alive today demand and utilize social media as a way of feeling attached and connected to someone when in reality we are losing social skills and becoming technological introverts and every other dimensional expressive category in between.

Obviously, that is this society’s main characteristic today, and although is appalling and wonderful, it can be terrifying and overwhelming as well. We need it, we are already past the point of no return, in other words we could not go back and give it up, it is pre-programmed into our conscious and unconscious life´s and it will only get worse. The transition is well under way and as humans technology is quickly becoming our friend, partner, confidant, companionship and even our very shadow for it follows us everywhere we go.

So comfortably integrated in our life´s , least not forget the ever better and simple pleasures of taking walks, admiring a sunset, the stars, and the ocean and mountains, the fresh breeze and the peaceful resting pleasure of a Saturday afternoon´s nap, the smile of the people we love and respect, the constant change of things in time where truth and courage are forever the essence of this cycle, the essence of the lessons learned and the pragmatic sense of reality in a world where nothing seems legit or even certain in a given set of circumstances or in any given set for that matter.

Time is also an illusion, no time like the Present.



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