3 Ways To Boost Your Dopamine Levels.

Dopamine is the pleasure hormone. It floods our body with good feelings as a reward for seeing someone we love or experience a positive event or thought. It is a neurotransmitter that plays a number of important roles in the brain and body. It is this reward based system that seems to dictate everything we do. It is why we, as humans, seek out pleasure and try to avoid pain.

The dopamine naturally produced by your brain makes you feel good and have self-confidence. You get a rush of dopamine in response to pleasurable activities like food or exercise. On the other hand, without enough dopamine, you may feel sluggish, depressed and uninterested in life. Here are some different methods to boost your dopamine levels if you’re feeling a little low:



Often overlooked in regards to emotional health, diet has a dramatic effect on the body biochemically.  Your body uses a chemical called Tyrosine to produce dopamine. Foods rich in Tyrosine, when ingested, can increase the production of Dopamine in the brain. Almonds, avocado, bananas, meat and poultry all contain tyrosine. Dopamine is also easy to oxidize, and antioxidants may reduce damage to cells that produce dopamine. Eat lots of greens, orange vegetables and fruits, asparagus, and beets.

Conscious diet decisions have a compounding effect on one’s health. When a person puts forth real energy into deciding what foods and fuels they consume they are creating an environment of love and respect for one’s self. The body, mind, and spirit thrive in this environment and begin to heal past damages. The human body has an extensive internal pharmacy filled with natural remedies for any and everything our ancestors have had to overcome. When things are running as they should and your body has the sustenance it needs then balance shall reign and your dopamine levels will return to normal levels. I am not a nutritionist but i urge readers to research and implement an organic, sustaining diet that feeds their body everything it needs to perform at its optimal level. When your body is properly nourished there is very little it cannot overcome.



Exercise regularly. Exercise increases blood calcium, this stimulates dopamine release and uptake in the brain. Try 30-60 minutes of walking, swimming, or jogging to jump start your dopamine levels. It also ups your endorphin’s. A genuine laugh or a good stretch gets your endorphin’s going, which is similar to a dopamine high.

Exercise is extremely beneficial. Exercise reduces blood pressure and helps prevent cardiovascular disease.  It increases energy and helps lose weight. It also increases bone, muscle, and joint strength. Removing stress hormones from your body daily with exercise helps improve your sleep quality. Hormones that repair, recover, and heal your body are better regulated when you get enough sleep. Its a no-brainer: regular exercise is critical to a healthy lifestyle.



One of the best ways to feel energized and ready to tackle your day is to get plenty of sleep. Dopamine has been tied to feelings of wakefulness, so in order to get that wakeful feeling, get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Make sure you provide your mind adequate time to regenerate!

There are many ways to integrate all three of these factors to attain peak health. We all have many factors and responsibilities to balance, life is complicated. You will have to experiment with and find the best method of each for you. Trust me, when you do finally balance these three vital functions, your world will open up and you will be more powerful than you ever imagined. This is truly the holy trinity to achieving overall optimal health!

Cheers, dream well!

Source: http://irelease.org/3-ways-to-boost-your-dopamine-levels/

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