Wolves are very intelligent creatures that live in various areas around the world. Many species of them have become endangered and as a result they are protected by laws. Wolves live in packs and they are very social with each other. They live in the wild and they hunt of food as a group. They know how to surround their prey by sneaking around it in a circle. Then they can all attack from various angles at once and the prey has very little or no change of escaping.

Wolves are very territorial and they will fight with other wolf packs to protect theirs. They have been known to attack humans as well when they are in their territory. For the most part it is because they feel threatened but in other cases it is believed the wolf attacks were the result of food being scarce.

Many ranchers have problems with wolves as well. They have lost plenty of animals including cows and sheep. Even with barbed wire fences and sheep dogs the losses can still be great. The fact that many wolves are now protected under law has made this a very difficult issue for ranchers. They don’t want to illegally trap or kill the wolves but they also can’t afford to continue losing their animals to them either.


There are many great refuge centers around the United States that are working to help the wolves return to the wild and to their natural habitats. Yet the problem is often that their natural habitat continues to disappear for a variety of reasons. Some zoos have great habitats for them as well that resemble a natural environment.

Many of these types of programs have been very successful even though it does take time for the numbers to increase enough to start the reintroduction. The Mexican Wolf would likely be extinct if it wasn’t for such programs. The last of them found in the United States were destroyed in the early 1970’s.


They were taken into programs in 1976 from Mexico and finally the numbers were high enough to release them into the wild in 1998. They have been doing very well and it is believed they will be able to continue on their own without further invention for this species of wolves.








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