The Perfect Day

DSCF5914  The Perfect Day

The light ..yes the light magnificent and precious, encumbered on roots of sorts, embed in all of us even from within transformed in miliseconds of delight     the softer whispers of might , such might was founded way back in time, irrelevant for the source, aspiring knowledge for thyself feeding warmth, wonder and grasp of the amazing experience… as if just another day passes, the spectacle before me humbles my very basic roots, addressing inside me what is left of the wisdom that came from the light in the first place. The minutes race by and the Massive Star begins to hide on this side of the globe, what a wonder it really is it´s consistency, persistence and discipline; I really must wonder about what we believe we know, what we have based our values upon, what we really treasure these days …  as i sat on a comfortable beach chair watching this wonderful scene, the sounds, the sea gulls moving flawlessly among the waves, the last strides for the day, it´s getting late…my mind is astonished at the moment, everything seems specially tailored for me, for this moment, this brief paradox in time; .. we were alone in this huge beach filled with an overwhelming sensation inside I wanted to stop time, to capture every single second of this moment, as our life´s go by in a flash and perhaps some of us are just much luckier than others and perceive things and the world around us with a finer sense, a finer extraction of the juice of Life.DSCF5730

The moment will come when we will have to face our demise, at least in the physical sense…for the experience of living is another paradox in the macro understanding of the most elemental questions of our existence …what are we here for? and where do we come from? as a vast universe displays in front of us mixing time and deluding our minds of it´s secrets, we have to believe that there is more, in fact much more. Perhaps this is really just the beginning of a journey that reaches deeper than we could possibly fathom, at least on this lifetime, but that is for another day, that is for another life.  DSCF5723

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