Quiescite ergo Die

DSCF5924Cease The Day

We are space travelers among a sea of questions. Yes, questions about who we are, why are we here and what is our purpose? … perhaps we are in deed travelers which by simple timing we are experiencing a physical life on earth within the Solar system that after 4+ billion years of evolution have resulted in a highly specialized intelligent life form (us), specialized that is for our environment, in a simple extract of time relevant to our frame of existence now and on earth for the last perhaps 4 to 5 million years or much more..?


If we consider the calculated time elapsed from the big bang roughly 14.4 Billion years and then try to imagine rationalizing how time mixes up with our perceived reality within the context of our existence and we roughly begin to understand even considering the compendium of mathematics,  the probabilities of the existence of intelligent life in the universe is practically absolute therefore, we are not alone, we are part of o very much larger scheme of things, the up most masterful work of art that is creation, and so we spawn by the millions and continue evolving but somehow, somewhere we lost something, something that is very crucial to our advancement, to our self evolution from the standpoint of existence we know we are more than this body, we may not know it consciously yet or even perhaps will ever because we have not actually measured any empirical evidence of any kind proving it otherwise at least in our conscious world;  but we must not forget that we utilize between 8 to 10% of our brain´s capacity so which one part of the brain overrides and therefore commands our functions and thinking is our subconscious mind. DSCF5736

So we might be locked inside our very own self protection mechanism which prevent us from knowing consciously more than we can handle, therefore allowing us to digest if you will our accumulative experiences which in turn become our preferences which in turn become our habits, strengths and defects as well.  There has to be a bigger purpose for our existence, we could not simply be on this lifetime by chance to eradically and almost effortlessly survive; no no no we must strive to effort, we must push against the current and charge our might in disguise, become the best you can be as real as you can because courage is the matter and essence of God and luck follows it everywhere it is.

So give thinking the larger picture a chance to ponder in your mind and be able to escape your logical pragmatic world for a while; perhaps you will realize something new, something useful, something more … and on this way you can relax your mind, take a break so to speak at any moment you choose, train yourself to be more effective, balanced person for what are to do but improve our self ? if the rigid material world has taught us anything it would be that everybody answers to someone else so natural logic would suggest that we as the human race would answer to someone else, a Grand Master Architect of the Universe who made the Universal Physical and metaphysical laws we live and are governed by.


Whatever you wish to believe is your prerogative of course but the Universe is there and it will remain so way beyond our existence, on this instance on this physical plane. There is just so much knowledge out there undiscovered, unknown to us that a single life time multiplied by billions would hardly reach perfection, making it most probable that many single lifetimes of accumulative learning outside of the time/frame context would be needed to continue the advancement of our progress and self development towards the infinite, the absolute.


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