Asking Yourself This Question Every Day Can Actually Make You Happier

If you ever feel powerless, frustrated, stuck or unproductive, this question can be a game-changer.

Do you ever feel powerless? Frustrated? Stuck? Are you living or working in fear? Maybe you hit a rut and are feeling unproductive? Resentful? Even hopeless?

While it’s normal to have all these feelings parked in the temporary loading and unloading zone while you remove your baggage, what is not normal is for these feelings to find a permanent space in long-term parking.

Feelings such as these gone unaddressed are a sure sign that you’re teetering on the brink of a toxic mind.

So how do you begin the process of making sure you never arrive there, and instead continue to keep a positive outlook on life?

A lesson from Truman Burbank

In the movie The Truman Show, Jim Carrey plays a guy who has no clue that his entire life — birth, marriage and career — has been rigged for one big television reality show broadcast daily for viewers to follow his every move.

While Truman thinks he is making free personal choices, every aspect of his life is manipulated by the production team that is calling the shots from the control booth.

Eventually, Truman figures out that his life has been a scam and tries to escape from the fabricated small town (the actual studio lot) he has never ventured beyond.

At one point, an assistant in the control booth asks the creator, “Do you think he will be able to find his way out?” The creator responds, “If he was absolutely determined to leave, he could at anytime. The truth is that he prefers his world.”

Choose the life you live

And so it is with many of us. We choose our lives, marriages and careers as the ones that others preferred for us, rather than the ones that we prefer ourselves.

Sometimes it seems easier to let other people — parents, spouses, bosses, and people of influence — decide for us. But if we make important life choices by default, we will never know who we are; we will never know what our unique God-given gifts are to give to the world.

While it may be safer and easier for some people to not rock the boat, the reality is we all need to take responsibility for choosing. Disowning our choices deceive us and make us believe over the long run that we are not active agents in our decisions.

We start to think other people are in control, thus relieving us of our duties to be responsible and whole.

Ask yourself this question

If you want to live from choice, the greatest gift you will ever give yourself is to always ask this question…

Am I speaking into the truth that most matters to me?

At some point, a person needs to break the cycle of swallowing his own voice to speaking into his truth faultlessly.

When you are asked what you want, and you hear from deep down inside your gut, “This is what I want,” forgo the pat answer you’ve been rehearsing for years.

Instead, pause, don’t speak for a moment, and tune into your honest response. What is your heart telling you? What is that voice inside telling you? What is your true desire?

Find that place deep within you that honors your choice and verbalize it. Now you’re getting your power back, and living from choice.

So what’s for lunch?

You can start this process by practicing with the little things and mundane decisions of everyday life. How can you expect to know and live from truth about your purpose and passion if you don’t even speak the truth about where you want to eat for lunch?

While the practice of asking for what you want may not get you what you want every time, you’re far better off by living true to yourself.

So take responsibility for your choices. You’re the only one who makes them! Get your power back; make the choices only you can be happy with.



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