The Law of Attraction Relative To Consciousness.

Since the beginning what many call “The New Age” books upon books have come out on The Law of Attraction.

One that has gone massively viral “The Secret” has turned the needle on what and brought what people call The Law of Attraction to the masses.

The Secret is simple, it’s about using your mind, emotions and feelings to pull anything you want into your life.

It’s as simple as using your thinking to go use the bathroom, go eat, go exercise but on a much higher vibrational level. Those are things that you have used thought to quickly manifest what you want to do your life.

Thought: I need to use the bathroom.

Manifestation: I’m using the bathroom.

Thought: I’m hungry

Manifestation: I’m eating

Acquiring your dreams, mansions, expensive cars, traveling the world is no different than using your thoughts for life’s basic to do lists.

The Law of Attraction is not something that we can turn off and turn on however, it is something that is going every second of everyday. Whether consciously or subconsciously your thoughts, feelings and emotions are manifesting the life that you are currently in.

However, the law of attraction is much deeper than your thoughts, emotions and feelings relative to your life situations.

The Law of Attraction is actually based around your state of consciousness and the collective conscious for that matter.

Consciousness is how in tune you are with the formless dimension. The infinite & eternal dimension also known as the formless dimension.

Sure as pointed out up above you can manifest situations, materials, experiences in your life using your thoughts and emotions but that doesn’t equal pure freedom.

Pure freedom does not exist in the form of something giving you pleasure which comes and goes. The physical world is the form and the only constant in this world is change.

So with pleasure also comes pain they are two sides of the same coin.


Because the world of never ending change.

What will give you pleasure today will give you pain eventually. The transitory (continuous change) world also means that emotions such as happiness and pain fluctuate again and again.

Which is why when things we perceive as good give us pleasure and things that we perceive as bad give us pain.

But good and bad are based on perception and not absolute reality they cannot ultimately fulfill you.

Good and bad are filters through which the mind perceives the physical reality but because there 7.5 billion minds on the planet there are also 7.5 billion versions of what good and bad are pending on someone’s particular life situation. This does not mean a lot of minds agree on things that are bad and good it just means that it’s still a limited collective perspective subject to time.

Take for example back 1000 years ago, the collective human race thought much differently than the collective human race today, just as it will think much differently 1000 years from now.

So because there are 7.5 billion minds on the planet billions of people with different perceptions who have lived and billions of more who will come into the world who is to say which one beliefs are based on absolute reality? The point is, it is not a single individuals ‘beliefs’ that are more absolute than another and this also goes for the greatest minds who have ever lived.

This is why belief systems no matter how highly accepted can’t give you complete freedom.

There is only one pure and ultimate freedom in life and that is the one thing that is not subject to change. It’s also known as the formless reality.

The mind itself labels reality good, bad, positive, negative and again 7.5 billion different perceptions of reality but the one place that the human race has always had and will always have is the formless reality that is from beyond the human mind.

This is the neutral reality, not good, not bad, not positive, not negative, NOT my opinion, NOT my belief, NOT my outlook, NOT my perspective which is a very small component of consciousness which is not bound by the limits of time. And that is because it is timeless.

When you find that timeless nature within, you will begin to feel the constant within you that never leaves you because it is you.

It is what allows you to experience the VERY PEAK experience in life.

And when we make our way back to the Law of Attraction, society continues to use the Law of Attraction to acquire the things in its life that we perceive to fulfill us.

This is the way of using the law of attraction is still conditioned based, it’s still boxed in by a collective perspective that knows no formless realm.

If you truly felt the formless dimension from within, you would feel why the only PURE freedom can only come naturally. Not by acquiring this, or that but almost as your inner dimension functions like that of a tree.

A tree seed is planted and grows and gets its freedom also purely from the natural world because it’s one with it. When you grow through life getting your freedom from the nature world it will then be yours sustainably not relying on something.

Look at Christmas how flooded the stores get and how many trillions of dollars are spent on material goods.

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I remember growing up and I couldn’t WAIT until Christmas day to open my presents so that as time passed what they did the second I opened them they could no longer give me that same heightened experience from that point on. This was also known as pleasure passing.

Everyone claims that presents are for a celebration of Christmas day and perhaps that true, but it’s not different than a material world 365 days of the year that wants and wants and wants to keep filling that void of thinking that the present moment is not the perfection as it stands.

What the collective mind has yet to realize because it hasn’t been completely dissolve in the moment of pure bliss and when the collective mind does feel the pure bliss of the presence the material world may not go completely out of business but it won’t be the same trillion dollar industry that it currently is.

But truly this has less to do with the way that you think and more to do with never stopping thought. The never ending stream of thought is the true source of all pain & suffering.

When you get caught in the paradigm or average way of thinking that the present moment that you are in now is not enough then it will never be enough to your mind and you won’t truly ever be fulfilled.

So when The Law of Attraction enthusiasts tell you that you can have anything you want in your life remember that what you truly want is not anything physical but everything to do with consciousness or the formless neutral reality that gives you pure absolute freedom and bliss.

The Law of Attraction when it comes down to it, is consciousness experiencing itself in the dimension of form and waiting for us as a collective humanity to awaken to the formless dimension and to set us free.


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