What Koko The Gorilla Says in LESS than 2 Minutes: HUMANITY Take This EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY!

Everything that is essential for humans to survive comes from nature; this includes the food people eat, water and livelihoods. However, humans take more than their fair share. Humanity should take note of what Koko the gorilla had to say as she made more sense than politicians and any other human being on the planet in regards to the destruction of nature and the planet.

Humanity Should Take Note of What Koko the Gorilla Told Them

People not only take more than is needed from nature but they are also destroying the best defense standing in the way of climate change. Nature is one of the immediate and most effective solutions to the numerous issues human beings are faced with today, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions along with increased resilience to weather events that are extreme.

Everyone is affected by the challenges to the oceans, rivers, and forests and saving nature should be a top priority as this is the only way that people are going to survive. A campaign called Noe, with the hashtag #NatureSeeYou, has stated this message very clearly. Many celebrities are taking an interest in the topic, and these include Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, and Liam Neeson. They have come together to raise awareness of the subject of saving nature.

Even A Gorilla Knows The Dire State Nature, and the World Is In

There is no one that has highlighted this and captured the hearts than Koko the talking gorilla. Koko uses sign language to talk to humans, and she was the star of a video where she “talked” about how important Mother Nature is and how it needs saving. Koko has been called the voice of nature and gave a message to those who were attending the COP21 Summit.

The video shows Koko signing using her hands to say that she is a gorilla, flowers, and animals, she is nature. The gorilla then goes on to sign that she loves man and Earth but that man is stupid. She said that this makes her sad and makes her cry and that it is time to hurry and fix the world.

Koko signed that people should hurry to save the world and nature and they must protect it. Koko concluded the message by saying that nature sees people and she wanted to thank people for listening to what she had to say.

Koko, the gorilla, was taught more than 1,000 signs in Gorilla sign language and the gorilla could recognize more than 2,000 words of English. Koko lives at the Gorilla Foundation in California in the Santa Cruz Mountains in her trailer that has been specially equipped with access to outdoor play areas.



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