A waterbed is a type of bed that has a mattress filled with water. For those that suffer from allergies this is a good type to have. Dust and allergens won’t settle on it like they do with an ordinary type of bed. Many individuals with back problems find that a waterbed is a good way to get some relief as well.

For those that get cold easy you can kick up the temperature on a waterbed. You will never have to go to bed and shiver again. The heat from a waterbed is said to be very good for those that suffer from ailments such as arthritis. They won’t wake up with as much inflammation and so they can go about their day without letting this issue affect them too much.

Some people buy waterbeds for their children too. It depends on what they are comfortable in. You should never place an infant on a water bed though as they can suffocate from the movement of it. They may not be able to turn their face and get the air they need. Most waterbeds you buy these days come with such warnings on them.

Waterbeds are very durable and they can hold up to a great deal of use. You do have to be careful not to damage the mattress with shape objects though. This can result in water leaking and that isn’t going to be something fun to contend with. You can get waterbeds in many sizes including twin, queen, and king. Regular sheets and blankets for beds these size will fit on them.

You will also find there are many different types of waterbeds. Some are even waveless if you don’t like the motion of it. If you don’t have very much room in your bedroom you can get a waterbed with under drawers too. They can be stacked two high as well but that will make your bed higher.

The downside to waterbeds is having to get them set up. If you move often it can become quite a chore. It can take hours to fill up and drain a waterbed so you can put it up or tear it back down. Should you decide to invest in such a bed you need to make sure you are getting something well made. You definitely want it to feature a very durable mattress so you are less likely to get tears or holes in it.



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