Life is tough, no doubt! It’s a twisting and winding roller coaster of ups and downs, and sometimes it seems like as soon as you get up, you’re knocked down again.

Life can be difficult sometimes and i’m sure that I am preaching to the choir when I say that. Everyone knows life is tough, but nobody ever realizes just how tough it can get. When things start to tumble down around you it can make you feel hopeless. While you shouldn’t ever try to control the things that happen around you – because you can’t – it doesn’t mean you just have to sit there and take a beating. Get back up on your feet and fight back. When things start to crumble we tend to just dig the hole deeper for ourselves.

The more you beat yourself down the harder it gets to keep going, trust me. However, once you accept these brutal truths, it’ll help you get your shit together. We get so caught up in the worldly complications we create for ourselves that we forget some of the most concrete things! You can’t keep waiting for things to get better; you have to do it yourself. Accepting these things will really open your eyes to the importance of it.

1. You’re Dying

No matter how much time and money you spend on making your life good, and perfecting it, it will always end no matter what.

2. Everybody You Know Will Die

You can’t constantly obsess over losing people and death, but you also can’t take anyone for granted. Eventually, everyone you know will die, and you might not be the last one to go either.

3. Wealth Isn’t Happiness

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No matter what amount of money you have it will never cause you to be happy. Happiness is within, no matter the riches.

4. Searching for Happiness Makes You Lose It

Happiness is right under your nose. If you are constantly searching for something to make you happy, you’ll never suffice your hunger. In order to be happy you have to be happy with what you already have.

5. Spend Time Not Money

Many people have the belief that you can’t enjoy yourself without spending money, but this is false. You don’t have to go out to dinner, to see a movie, or go to an amusement park to have fun.

6. You Can’t Please Everyone

Trying to please everyone around you is exhausting. You just can’t do it, so stop trying.

7. Accept Your Feelings

Stop trying to deny yourself of emotions. You have feelings and you can’t get past them without admitting you have them to begin with.

8. When You’re Gone, You’re Gone

Don’t even worry about trying to leave a legacy because you probably won’t be able to. There are 7 billion of us, there’s just not enough you can do to make people remember you.

9. Be Responsible

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Nobody is responsible for your actions except for you. Regardless of what influences you, you are the ultimate decider in your fate. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

10. Stop Trying to Be Perfect

None of us are perfect, and although we all try to be, we never will be. Perfection is an imaginary tale of fairies. Stop trying to live up to some non-existent standard and love yourself.

11. Don’t Waste Talent

If you have a talent put it to use! Don’t let a god given ability go to waste!

12. Live in the Now

As much as we try to plan out and control our lives, we ultimately don’t control anything. You can try to predict the future and prepare for it, but it’ll never work out the way you think it will. Stop trying to perfect the future and stop dwelling on the past and you will achieve happiness.

13. Nobody Cares How Hard Your life Is

Life is hard for everyone. It throws us all twists and turns, so stop thinking you’re the only one it happens to. Stop going on and on trying to make everyone believe your life is harder than theirs. It’s a never ending piss contest.

14. Share Your Knowledge

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Learning things is useless unless you share it with the people around you! Knowledge is only of help if we share it with each other. If you learn something the hard way, help your neighbor out by warning them.

15. Invest in Yourself

If you don’t spend time on yourself life is pointless! You don’t get to live as anyone else, so take the time to really make yourself the best version there is.

16. When Things Suck, Don’t react

Life might always throw us curveballs, but it ultimately comes down to the way you react to it. If you believe it is the end of the world it will really feel like it. However, keep your chin up and remain positive and you’ll see that things aren’t half bad.

17. Quit Dreaming and Do the Work

Dreams are for the birds, you have to make your biggest wishes come true. There are no wish granting genies even though we all still hope one will show up for us. It’s time to stop expecting things to change and change them for yourself. Want to be an actor? Go be an actor. Stop wishing and do it

18. Time is More Valuable than Money

We are so obsessed with money that we forget about the real terms of currency in life; time. We literally exchange 40 hours of our lives per week in exchange for cash. You have to realize that time is much more valuable than money. You can do a bunch more with it too.

19. Be Grateful

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No matter how bad you think you might have it, there is always someone who has it worse. Be happy and be grateful for the things you do have instead of wishing for the things you don’t! It takes the joy and value out of everything if you don’t appreciate it!

20. Donate Time

You should donate time to making your community better, not just money. The only way to get the ball moving on improving our society is by actually doing something about it. Step up and donate some time to the community!

21. Don’t Lose Yourself

It’s important to never lose your true sense of self throughout the journey of life. Always remember what is important to you and keep a sense of your priorities!

22. You Can’t Take Money with you When You Die

You might be a millionaire in this world, but you certainly can’t take it with you when you move on. We all die eventually, so don’t get too caught up in your own finances. There are more important things in life.


22 Savage Truths About Existence That Will Force You to Get Your Shit Together.

Meet the man who just might have a cure for most viruses on Earth, Todd Rider. A biomedical engineer at MIT with the name of Todd Rider has what could be a potential cure for all known viruses on the planet. However, he is not going to be curing Zika or anything else very soon as the one thing he does not have is money. DRACO WAS DISCOVERED 15 YEARS AGO There was a lot of arms waving about and many crowdfunding campaigns following his announced discovery 15 years ago and today he still has not been given the funds to follow up on his preliminary tests that were successful. At the moment Rider is living in the spot that is often referred to by scientists as Valley of Death. This is the place between work that basic research organizations might fund and the landslides of pharmaceutical companies.

Rider does have an Indiegogo campaign on the go that is looking very sleek right now and this was put up by savvy internet activists and it is running at the moment. However, it’s not going too well despite the fact that the benefits of those funding him could be life-changing, albeit uncertain. Support for the campaign has been enthusiastic, but at the same time rather inadequate. However, Rider has got used to this by now.


Rider has talked a bit about his findings and when he first found DRACOs. He said that there are very few antiviral therapeutics out there and those that tend to be for specific and for individual viruses and in some cases just particular strains of individual viruses. He said that he had been motivated to developing new antiviral therapeutics that could be effective against many viruses across a broad spectrum.

RIDER BORROWED FROM MOTHER NATURE FOR DRACO Rider went on to say that instead of trying to come up with something from scratch he chose to borrow from what Mother Nature had invented already. The cells have natural ways of being able to detect viral double-stranded RNA and they also have natural ways of being able to kill off certain cells. He said that he had come up with DRACO to be able to combine the two natural cells which would kill off any cells that were infected with a virus. Rider thinks that DRACO has the same potential as the development of antibiotics to revolutionize treatment along with preventing bacterial infections in the middle of the 20th century. He said that DRACO could potentially do the same for prevention and treatment of viral infections during the 21st century.


The Valley of Death is a problem that is significant in regards to medical research, and it might be easy to think that a potential cure for all viruses known to man would get him out of that valley by generating enough interest and funds, so why hasn’t it? Some modest funding from the National Institutes of Health allowed for previous proof of concept experiments that were done in cells and mice. However, that funding has passed. The big pharmaceutical companies have the expertise and resources to carry new drugs, including DRACO, and take them past the manufacturing scale-up, the big animals trials and then onto FDA human trials to get approval. Before they commit money from their own pockets the companies wish to see that DRACO has been effective against clinically relevant viruses, such as the herpesvirus family and not just the proof of concept viruses that had been funded by NIH previously.

VALLEY OF DEATH IS EXPERIMENTAL AND FINANCIAL GAP The Valley of Death is the experimental and financial gap that lies between the NIH proof of concept experiments and being able to convince some of the big pharmaceutical companies to take DRACOs to human trials.

Rider explained that in theory DRACO had been designed to be effective against many viruses over a broad spectrum and in many people. He said that starting from the proof of concept work it could take some experimentation to find the best design for DRACO and this is something that has been a challenge to find funds to take DRACO out of the early stage work.

Rider was asked what he imagined a treatment based on DRACO would look like if it should be developed. He said that the first version of it could be administered successfully in mice via an injection or through inhalation. He went on to say that the ultimate goal would be to develop DRACO as a pill that could be taken.


When asked why he had chosen crowdfunding to help him support it he said that activists online had heard about DRACO research and had offered to help support the work. He went on to say that he was grateful to everyone who had helped with donations and he hoped that they would be able to raise the money needed so that they could fund testing and development of DRACOs against relevant viruses in cells. He went on to say that in the event of not being able to raise the full amount the money would still be used to buy equipment and supplies while he continued on with more research funding. Rider said that if they could demonstrate success and optimize DRACOs against relevant viruses in cells then he believed that the results might be enough to persuade pharmaceutical companies to take DRACOs through the large-scale animal trials and then onto human trials. He said that the timeline would be dependent on the funding levels and if there are any scientific difficulties that were unforeseen in the experiments. If everything went well then DRACO might enter into human trials in a decade or perhaps less.

























22 Ilustraciones que Reflejan Cuán Dañado está el Mundo.

Respirar bajo el agua de una manera casi ilimitada podría ser posible gracias a un material conocido como “Aquaman Crystal”, una sustancia cristalina que trabaja con cobalto y que ha sido creada por un grupo de científicos de Dinamarca. De esta forma, el oxígeno se puede extraer del agua.

Hombre Respirando Bajo El Agua

La invención, como asegura el portal ‘Hardzone’, consiste en una máscara muy similar a lo que a veces vemos en las películas de ciencia ficción. Esta trabaja con cobalto como filtro de moléculas de agua, pudiendo separar el oxígeno de hidrógeno para permitir que el usuario respire bajo el agua de una manera similar a la de los peces con branquias.

¿Te imaginas poder respirar indefinidamente bajo el agua sin la necesidad de usar cilindros de gas o cualquier otro sistema complejo?

Según 2 científicos daneses, este sueño de la infancia puede convertirse en realidad.

Respirar Bajo El Agua

Gracias a un material de cristal, llamado “Crystal Aquaman”, es posible extraer el oxígeno del agua en tiempo real sin consumir materiales, incluido el propio vidrio, que es necesario en cantidades mínimas para el proceso.

El dispositivo accionado por cobalto, que actúa como un filtro para las partículas de agua, disocia el oxígeno del hidrógeno, además su capacidad de almacenamiento es enorme, especialmente a alta presión, como en el lecho marino.

A pesar del tamaño, solo una cucharadita de estos cristales sería equivalente a 3 tubos de oxígeno a presión, o lo suficiente como para absorber todo el oxígeno de una habitación.

Mujer Respirando Bajo El Agua

Además del uso para deportes y recreación, también habrá uso medicinal, que permitirá a personas mayores y personas con problemas respiratorios mejorar sus niveles de respiración y salir de la casa sin usar un tanque y una máscara. La duda crea incomodidad para estas personas.

Según la profesora Christine McKenzie, detrás del descubrimiento, “este mecanismo es bien conocido por todas las criaturas terrenales que respiran”:

“Los humanos y otras especies que usan hierro, como los crustáceos, las arañas y otros animales pequeños, usan cobre. Pequeñas cantidades de metales son esenciales para la absorción de oxígeno, por lo que no es tan sorprendente ver este efecto en este nuevo material”, dice.


Científicos inventan un cristal que permite respirar bajo el agua ilimitadamente.

Según los expertos, se conoce más la Luna que el fondo de los océanos; y es que apenas conocemos menos del 10% del relieve de los fondos marinos más allá de los 200 metros de profundidad.

Imagina la cantidad de conocimiento que nos espera si logramos explorarlo en su totalidad, la cantidad de vida y tesoros de la naturaleza que esperan a ser descubiertos.

Durante milenios, el océano y los mares han maravillado a un sin fin de civilizaciones. Sus misterios nos han fascinado y su fuerza y poder sorprendido. No es raro, por eso, que aún hoy sintamos un miedo, respeto y curiosidad hacia lo que en él se esconde que es difícil de explicar.

Descubre en las siguientes imágenes algunas de las maravillas que el océano nos regala.

Cristo en el fondo del mar

Se ha convertido en un arrecife artificial en el que la vida marina puede florecer.

Extrañas figuras circulares

Cuando fueron descubiertas hubo quien incluso pensó que era obra de extraterrestres, la realidad es que son realizadas por una especie de pez globo llamado Tetraodontidae.

En el fondo del mar también hay adictos al trabajo

Enorme concentración de estatuas bajo el mar

En las profundidades de los mares europeos fueron encontrados más de 10 millones de dólares en plata de la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Inexplicablemente un tren terminó bajo el mar

Por desgracia, la contaminación ha llegado al fondo del mar

Una ciudad egipcia de tres mil años de antigüedad

Yonaguni Monument en Japón

Una antigua ciudad China perdida en el fondo del mar, Shi Cheng

A cientos de Km de su país de origen fueron encontradas estas estatuas egipcias

Un vehículo encontrado en un botadero de la Segunda Guerra Mundial en el mas Báltico

En el Caribe mexicano se encuentran estas esculturas sumergidas

Más común de lo que pudieras pensar, los ríos bajo el mar son una realidad

Monedas de oro con un valor mayor a los 100 000 dólares

Este increíble tanque usado durante el Día D fue encontrado en el mar en Normandía

Si te han gustado las fotografías recuerda compartirlas y apoyarnos con un Me Gusta. Déjanos tus comentarios.



With so many people around the world adopting a Vegan lifestyle, it is no wonder that a lot of parents are starting to ensure that their children are raised to eat a Vegan diet as well. If you find yourself trying to determine whether a Vegan lifestyle is suitable for your children you are certainly not alone. Each year there are thousands of people who switch to Vegan diets and children are included in this frequently. I you are completely confused it is best to talk to your doctor but in general most children do quite well with a Vegan diet as long as a few precautions are considered.

Your first step should be taking a good look at all of your nutritional knowledge. If you have a poor knowledge of nutrition then it will be extremely difficult for you to determine if you are capable to meet your child’s nutritional needs. While most parents worry about giving their children adequate nutrition if you feed your child a Vegan diet, it is even more important because many nutrients can be easily overlooked if you are not meticulous in your nutritional pursuit.


If you are not certain exactly what your child needs nutritionally it is time to enroll in either a nutritional class or start looking online for some clear information on exactly what you need to focus on for your children. A proper emphasis on nutrition will allow your children to eat a Vegan diet while still getting all of the nutrients that are needed. It is extremely important to watch nutritional intake closely, many beginner Vegans do tend to overlook and skip over essential nutrients that are critical to basic nutrition. If you are determined to live a Vegan lifestyle then frequently a vitamin supplement is extremely helpful.

It is extremely important to ensure that you are encouraging children to eat plenty of delicious foods. Many children tend to shy away from eating ample fruits and vegetables in normal life, however if you are encouraging a healthy lifestyle of Vegan eating you will need to ensure that children are consuming enough fruits and vegetables to give them ample nutrients. This is not always easy to do, particularly if your children are in the habit of consuming meats. However, if you start your children with a Vegan lifestyle in the beginning as your baby is first starting to eat solid foods you will find that it is much easier to do.a31a10d54d538e4867e40bd74ec826e1

Many parents discover that children trying to give up meat is much harder to do and complete than anything else that they have ever tried to do. This is a sad reality but many children do not handle change well. Even something as small as what they are used to eating can create a huge chaotic problem, in order to assure that you are getting the best results possible you should work to enlist the help of your children rather than trying to force them to eat a diet that they are not fond of. Small things such as a positive attitude can have a huge impact when it comes time to actually ensure that you are giving your children the benefits that they really need.

two little girls preparing healthy food on kitchenA proper venture into a Vegan diet can allow your children to eat exactly as you are eating without any major problems and complications. However, it is also important to realize that you are providing your children with ample nutritional supplements to fully protect them from nutritional deficiencies. Small problems in nutritional habits can become huge complications if you are attempting a Vegan lifestyle without properly paying attention to the special needs that you are likely to have. A well-planned lifestyle can effectively allow you to incorporate a Vegan lifestyle for even children while still staying healthy. There is no reason why you should feel as if you must feed your children meats in order for them to be healthy, a bit of time and effort can resolve all deficiencies.

Should Children Eat Vegan?

Waveless Waterbeds

Waveless Waterbeds

Many people love the comfort of sleeping on a water bed but not all of the extra motion due to the water. For such individuals there is a happy middle of the road for you called the waveless waterbed. There is still water in there but the lining holding it in place is very firm. It is also zipped up inside of what looks like a regular mattress. Some people find that lying on the plastic of a regular waterbed even with a sheet just isn’t working well for them.

Some models of waveless waterbeds are much more advanced than others. It seems that as technology advances they just get better and better. For example you will find waveless waterbed models that feature the memory foam mattress that contours to your body. You will also find models with the lumbar support for your lower back. You can wake up feeling refreshed with no aches or pains anywhere.

There are also semi waveless waterbed models for you choose from. They are in between a regular water bed and one that doesn’t have waves. If you like the style and feel of a regular waterbed but it can be too much for you at times due to the movement this could really work for you. Some people have a hard time on a regular waterbed just because their partner moves around too much while sleeping.

You will find many great models of waveless waterbeds from the top manufacturers out there. Take some time to try the displays on the floor as well. Too many people are embarrassed to lie down on a bed when they are looking in a store. Yet what ends up happening is they buy a bed they like the look of and then they don’t sleep well on it. The display models in a bed store are for you to try out. Make sure you do and you will find the right waveless waterbed model out there for you.

The prices of waveless waterbeds vary from one to the next. It will depend on many factors including the brand, the size of it, and the added features that it has to offer. You will find that a waveless waterbed is a very good investment though. Most people sleep very well on them and wouldn’t trade them for anything except maybe a newer model.

Waveless Waterbeds



A waterbed is a type of bed that has a mattress filled with water. For those that suffer from allergies this is a good type to have. Dust and allergens won’t settle on it like they do with an ordinary type of bed. Many individuals with back problems find that a waterbed is a good way to get some relief as well.

For those that get cold easy you can kick up the temperature on a waterbed. You will never have to go to bed and shiver again. The heat from a waterbed is said to be very good for those that suffer from ailments such as arthritis. They won’t wake up with as much inflammation and so they can go about their day without letting this issue affect them too much.

Some people buy waterbeds for their children too. It depends on what they are comfortable in. You should never place an infant on a water bed though as they can suffocate from the movement of it. They may not be able to turn their face and get the air they need. Most waterbeds you buy these days come with such warnings on them.

Waterbeds are very durable and they can hold up to a great deal of use. You do have to be careful not to damage the mattress with shape objects though. This can result in water leaking and that isn’t going to be something fun to contend with. You can get waterbeds in many sizes including twin, queen, and king. Regular sheets and blankets for beds these size will fit on them.

You will also find there are many different types of waterbeds. Some are even waveless if you don’t like the motion of it. If you don’t have very much room in your bedroom you can get a waterbed with under drawers too. They can be stacked two high as well but that will make your bed higher.

The downside to waterbeds is having to get them set up. If you move often it can become quite a chore. It can take hours to fill up and drain a waterbed so you can put it up or tear it back down. Should you decide to invest in such a bed you need to make sure you are getting something well made. You definitely want it to feature a very durable mattress so you are less likely to get tears or holes in it.


Activities You Can Try Out For Stress Management

It is quite possible to easily cope with stress if you find the right activities to help you get your mind off the problem that’s bothering you. Even if having fun does not directly get rid of the source of the problem entirely, diverting your mind from it for a short period of time will calm you down and regain your composure before taking it on again.

You don’t have to go on an extended vacation just to get rid of stress. In fact, you can easily have fun while in the comforts of your own home to get your mind off it. You can indulge in word or board games, sports, music and art, and many others to fill up your time with something you like to do and forget your problems to help you relax.

Let Your Mind Have Some Fun

Since stress is centered on your mind, then it would only be plausible to divert it into something more productive and fun. Try to delve into games that require your mind to think. Chess is a great way to stop thinking about the problem and focus more on how to beat your partner. You can also try playing word or number games that will put your logical mind at work, like scrabble, Sudoku, word puzzles, crosswords, and the like. This will help divert your mind from stress to help you achieve a sense of relaxation.

Sweat Out Your Stress

One stress management technique is to engage in sports. Many would agree that a friendly bout of basketball or tennis with your friend will help you relax. This will help you focus your mind into winning, especially if you turn it into a competition. Consider this as an outlet for your anger or irritation with work and channel it in a positive way instead of venting it out at the office.

Also, stress can also affect your anatomy if left unchecked. Engaging in exercise or sports will help sweat out those toxins that accumulate due to stress that will surely grow on you. Moving around a lot will also help in muscle rejuvenation — which is often cramped and sore every time you are under the throes of stress.

Go To The Gym

If you want to channel all your stress to something productive and release it in one go then you might want to try coping with it at the local gym. Stress affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally; so it would only be best to address these three aspects in one sitting.

Going to the gym to help cope with your stress is a good idea. The instructor will help you divert your mind from your problems to the program he or she has in store for you. You will need to focus all your mind and effort to completing the workout routine. This way, you won’t have time to think about your problems at home or office; just focus on getting your body in shape for a better you.

Another benefit of going to the gym is to strengthen your heart from the effects of stress. Heart attack and stroke are health conditions commonly attributed to stress. By going into a cardiovascular workout, you are strengthening your anatomy for the future — this time, you will be physically equipped to deal with it.

Wow Chill One

Stress Management

“Be nice to nerds, chances are you´ll end up working for one”  _Bill Gates.




The world seems to need a rather optically rational differential observation from the traditional paradigm on which science is based today, perhaps we could evolve science observation and thesis to sustain other relevant views of the universe alligned to the primal creational force encoded in physics Law. The Universe stands ever evolving in multidimensional worlds which perpetuate in the time continuom without having the latter perceived as much as a glimpse into the certain end of this cycle in creation of the material realm of this age.

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For smart people…