Children and Trains


Children and Trains

Children have always fallen in love with trains, both boys and girls. They seem to have a type of magic about them. Children often get excited when they see and hear a train passing by. It can be fun to have one going over you on a bridge or passing one on the highway as you count the number of train cars on it.

There are many stories and programs that lend trains to the creative minds of children. Most of us can remember reading The Little Engine that Could. This is a timeless story about a train that kept pushing itself to reach the top of the mountain in spite of all the odds being against it. This is a great story to encourage children from a young age to never give up because they can do anything they put their minds to.


Thomas the Train has become a very popular icon for children these days. This fun blue train can be found in books and on TV. Thomas the Train is an interactive program that encourages children to learn valuable skills including counting and reading. There are also informative learning opportunities including oral hygiene and getting along with others.

What may surprise you about Thomas the Train is that he has actually been around since 1946 in Brittan. Yet it wasn’t until the movies and TV shows featuring Thomas the Train in the early 1980’s that it became so well known all around the world. The memorabilia associated with Thomas the Train has resulted in millions of dollars in revenue. They include video games, toy trains, piggy banks, back packs, and lunch boxes.


You will find the market is full of interactive trains for children of various ages to enjoy. Some of them sing songs or play music. Others allow them to push them along or they go by themselves with the touch of a button. Your child will find hours of entertainment with trains from a very early age.

For older children, you may want to invest in a model train set. They can spend hours setting up the track and the train in order to get it to go around and around. There are so many great accessories that they can add to the mix that they can personalize it to fit their style in no time.

Chances are that your child may have a particular style of train in mind that they want. They may have a sentimental reason for wanting it based on books they have watched, movies they have seen, or even their experiences with real trains. This can be a great opportunity to help your child forge lifelong memories that include their love of trains.


It is not uncommon for fathers or grandfathers to pass their trains on to their children or grandchildren. This can be a remarkable family heirloom that your child will always treasure. As time goes by many of these early models of trains will continue to increase in value.
Who knows, this love of trains may result in a very rewarding career for your child when they become an adult. The prices of trains vary depending on the quality and the manufacturer of them. Take a look at any toy store or online to discover what options you have to bring a smile to your child’s face by giving them a train.

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