The Feng Shui Elements


The Feng Shui Elements

Feng shui has one main goal: Increase positive energy by creating a place of balance and harmony. How is this balance achieved? By using the five elements of feng shui.

The elements all work with each other and have their own characteristics. When balancing the energy in any space, these five elements are used to enhance positive energy as well as counteract negative energy.

Wood is connected to the color green. To increase the wood energy in an area, live plants are used and not dead wood that is in chairs and other furniture.

In addition to adding wood energy, the plants filter the air and increase oxygen making the atmosphere of your space more healthy. Woods home is the East of your space.


Fire is connected to reds, oranges, and purples. Fire is anything that uses electricity or produces heat. Televisions and lamps are good examples. A lamp that has a red lampshade can greatly increase the fire energy of an area. Fires home is the South.

Earth is connected to tans, browns, and beiges. Brickwork and anything that uses rocks is part of the earth element. Clay pots, tiles, and ceramics also increase the earth energy. Earth is the Northeast.

feng-shui-pet-elemenata (6)

Metal is connected to whites and golds. So much is made of metal, you can pretty much pick and choose what to use to increase your metal energy. A statue or even a bed frame will work great. Metal is in the West.

Water is connected to blues and blacks. Representing the winter, water is commonly used in more passive ways due to its, well, wet nature.


Used improperly, water can disturb all the energy in your space. Using aquariums, fountains, or pools are the easiest ways to increase water energy. Water is in the North.


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