The Art of Healing Your Body with Dialogues.

Did you know that you can talk to your cells?

Did you know that a conversation with your cells can heal your body?

Did you know that such a conversation with heal you completely and enrich your life?

Well, we will care to elaborate. I know so many people who have reached a point where they have tried every sort of medication and are still unable to cure themselves. I have also come across so many people who know their problem but they don’t know how to solve it. But our body has all the answers. We often forget the importance of developing a dialogue with our body. Our body is more aware about its flaws than any medication or any doctor will ever be. Our body actually has the ability to completely cure itself.  It is just that we don’t give our body an opportunity to heal itself. We get involved in the external solutions so much that we forget that we can internally deal with most of our troubles. This is only possible if we develop a dialogue with our body. Most of you will wonder why?

Well, because some problems are more internal. It is believed that most of the times, our external physical problems are just a manifestation of the problems that we have internally. This means that if we look into ourselves and delve into the inner constitution that we have, we might be able to solve all our problems. This is because most of our external problems represent unfinished work on our core internal values and ethics. Yes, this is true. Various practices of yoga and meditation are premised on this very idea. They function on the idea of polishing and honing your inner system. Once that is working well, everything else will surely be in perfect unison. The results will really shock you!

Now, some of you might be wondering how to develop a dialogue with your body. How to make every cell of your body responsible? Yes, there are ways to do the same:

  • Be compassionate and kind with your body. Your cells are deeply aware of the emotions you experience and they will respond according to the way in which you interact with them.
  • Make your body aware of your desire to create a balance. Getting sick basically means that your body is going through some sort of imbalance. Make your body cooperate and you will surely get better.
  • Give time to your body. Most of us become extremely impatient when we are unwell. This is why we look out for the easiest solution that is around us; a solution which can make us well as quickly as possible. This is wrong. Your body needs time and you must give your body the required time to heal itself.

You want to know about the benefits of this? Haha! There are so many. You might lose count. The art of healing your body through a dialogue will change your life. You will not only cure your body but this will have a ripple effect on your soul. You will become a far happier person. You will feel whole and complete within yourself. You will experience a sense of peace that you would not have ever imagined. And all this, by only having a genuine heartfelt conversation with your body…

Think about it. It’s really worth it and we strongly recommend it.



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