The One Thing I Truly Believe.

There are a couple of deeply polarizing statements in this day and age.

And the reason they’re polarizing is because there’s no middle ground, either you believe they’re true or you believe they’re false.

There’s no room in between.

Computer geeks call those statements ‘binary’ (zero or one).

But hey, you can forget that term now, there’s not going to be a test any time soon. 😉

These polarizing statements, and how people perceive them, can be very powerful tools to truly understand your fellow man or woman.

My favourite one is:

The Universe is infinitely good and everything works out in the end.

This simple statement sends a certain class of people into a frenzy.

I however deeply believe it’s true.

Debaters Slash Philosophers

‘The Holocaust.’

Yes, that’s where most of my critics immediately go whenever I bring the previous statement up.

They’re like:

‘Hey Molly, if the universe is infinitely good, why did the Holocaust happen?’

And they always have the same crooked grin on their face like they’re some kind of genius debaters slash philosophers.

Every single time.

Photo by Renata Fraga on Unsplash

That crooked grin is now how I imagine premature celebration looks like.

Yes, I know the Holocaust happened.

In fact, a lot of atrocities happened and are still happening all over the globe, as we speak.

Does that mean the Universe is not infinitely good? Does that mean not everything works out in the end?

I can’t believe that.

An Ever Expanding Chasm

And that’s what we’re talking about.

We’re talking about two belief systems clashing violently with each other and no camp can convince the other camp by logics or definite proof.

Both camps are truly divided by an ever expanding chasm.

‘But Molly, why did the Holocaust happen in your infinitely good universe?’

Yes, for some reason, critics of the infinitely good universe keep pushing me with questions about the Holocaust.

Photo by James Marty on Unsplash

It’s their personal pet peeve.

Well, here’s my answer:

I don’t know really.

The Universe is infinitely complex and my brain isn’t, so you can’t expect me (or anyone with a limited brain) to come up with the perfect explanation.

It’s even possible we humans will never know the answer.

But here’s the one thing I know.

Humans Are Doing It Wrong

Nature is abundant.

If you’re working with Nature, She cannot help but give you everything you need.

Don’t believe me?

Throw a seed on the ground, give it water, sunlight, infinite love and it turns into something that feeds you for live.

Photo by Niklas Hamann on Unsplash

You really have to mismanage Nature to turn it into a desert.

Deserts are the anomaly, not the default condition.

And yes, the loss of fertile soil and the advance of deserts all over the globe tells us something striking.

But it’s not that Nature or the Universe is infinitely evil, it’s simply that humans are doing everything wrong.

And I mean everything.

I used to trade dead pieces of paper in exchange for bottled water and dead food wrapped in plastic bags.

Now, my drinking water is free because it fell from the sky and my food is alive because I pluck it straight from a tree.

And neither my water nor my food contains any man-made garbage.

I’m not the only one changing my way of life this way, a lot of us are doing it.

And guess what?

We’re from the future.

And that future is going to be infinite abundance and dazzling creativity.

I can’t prove that with mathematics, economics or other man-made symbolic creations.

I simply feel it, in my heart.

By:MR. Molly Maguire
Photo by Roman Averin on Unsplash

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