10 actions I took, that improved my life.

Like most of us, I have been a victim of my undisciplined lifestyle and self-deprecating habits. Every time I tried to make a major change in my lifestyle to feel better, I was back to doing the same old shit in no time. It was hard.

  1. Replaced binge-watching Netflix with reading psychology and non-fictions to understand my behavioral patterns. This helped me to analyse my failed relationships. I discovered more about myself and was more aware of my thoughts and action when dealing with people in relationships.
  2. Learnt that what we have is only present and all of our stress is either thinking about the past or planning about the future. All the time we spend pondering about events that have taken place or events that are yet to happen is time wasted. so I started living in Present.
  3. Started being more grateful for things I have and less miserable for things I don’t. Gratitude changes your brain. Science has proven that. When you start being grateful, two hormones Dopamine and Serotonin are released. These are the same hormones that make you feel good.
  4. Learnt about masculinity and what does it mean to be a man. As a man, it is important to be grounded to be able to achieve your deepest purpose in life.
  5. Learnt that muscle building is important so that your body can support you when you start to lose your muscles as you age. I started lifting weights.
  6. Learnt that semen is a life force. It is an end product of our nutrition and losing it regularly can potentially ruin your life so stopped watching to porn. As a result, I had less brain fog, better vision and improved dating life. Also, more energy to get the important stuff done.
  7. Started eating more mindfully and less stress fully. Stressful eating releases harmful chemicals which can cause diseases.
  8. Started breathing more deeply. More oxygen in the body means your blood is more alkaline and less acidic which can improve your overall energy and immunity.
  9. Forgave myself and the people who hurt me. When you hold anger and regret you punish yourself inherently. I learnt to let go.
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By:Himanshu Daksh
Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash