The universe works like a huge human brain, discover scientists.

Source : PAUL RATNER A new study finds similarities between the structures and processes of the human brain and the cosmic web. The research was carried out by an astrophysicist and a neurosurgeon. The two systems are vastly different in size but resemble each other in several key areas. Scientists found similarities in the […]

Even At Its End, The Universe Will Never Reach Absolute Zero.

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Source: By:Ethan Siegel Imagine, if you dare, the very end of the Universe. The stars — past, present, and future — have all burned out. Stellar corpses like neutron stars and white dwarfs have radiated the last of their remnant energy away, fading to black in color and ceasing to emit any radiation at all. […]

Hubble Examines Massive Metal Asteroid Called ‘Psyche’ That’s Worth Way More Than Our Global Economy

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Source: By : Jamie Carter Senior Contributor A new study by the Hubble Space Telescope has revealed a clearer picture than ever before of one of the most intriguing and most valuable asteroids we know of. It’s also one that NASA is planning to visit in 2026. Here’s everything you need to know about “16 Psyche.” What […]

Physicist Says Parallel Universes Definitely Exist and We May Soon Explore Them

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Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll expressed that clues in the small-scale structure of the universe point to the existence of numerous parallel worlds. The shocking comments were made on the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast last year. Carroll says that the fact that tiny particles like electrons and photons don’t have one set location in the […]

Stephen Hawking: What one of the most brilliant minds said on aliens, black holes and Trump.

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From his specialty — black holes — to Donald Trump, a British boy band and motor neurone disease, across the years one of the world’s most brilliant minds weighed in on a range of topics. On Wednesday, Stephen Hawking’s family announced the renowned physicist had died at 76. As the science world mourns we collected […]

Logran, por primera vez, hallar un fermión de Majorana, la partícula que es su propia antipartícula.

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El hallazgo de la «partícula ángel», como quiere llamarla su descubridor, pone fin a 80 años de intensa búsqueda de físicos de todo el mundo. En 1928, el físico Paul Dirac hizo una extrordinaria predicción: todas y cada una de las partículas fundamentales del Universo tienen una “antipartícula”, un gemelo idéntico a ellas pero con carga eléctrica […]