Hubble Examines Massive Metal Asteroid Called ‘Psyche’ That’s Worth Way More Than Our Global Economy

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Source: By : Jamie Carter Senior Contributor A new study by the Hubble Space Telescope has revealed a clearer picture than ever before of one of the most intriguing and most valuable asteroids we know of. It’s also one that NASA is planning to visit in 2026. Here’s everything you need to know about “16 Psyche.” What […]

What lies beyond the edge of the observable universe?

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What lies beyond the edge of the observable universe? Beyond the Hubble Ultra Deep Field there are still many galaxies that have not been seen (click for larger view). Roughly 13.75 billion years ago, our universe came into existence. Very shortly thereafter, primordial light started shooting across the cosmos and spreading throughout the early universe. […]

Pink Planet

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GJ 504 b: Pretty in Pink For those of you who love the colour pink, you might enjoy a recent discovery in the world of astronomy. NASA scientists have discovered a gas giant planet around four times the size of Jupiter, 57 light years away from Earth. The large exoplanet, which orbits the Sun-like star; […]

NGC 1760

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Astronomy Picture of the Day: 01/18/14 – Dancing Squid This is NGC 1760 (also known as N11 or the Dancing Squid nebula), one of the most massive, active star-forming regions located in our local corner of the universe. More specifically, this region belongs to the northern part of a neighboring dwarf-galaxy of the Milky Way; […]


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Supergiants Supergiants are a classification of stars that have been categorized based on their large mass. However, those stars that have a large mass tend to burn much faster than others. This is why many types of stars can live for billions of years while a supergiant will not have as long of a lifespan. […]