Pink Planet

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GJ 504 b: Pretty in Pink For those of you who love the colour pink, you might enjoy a recent discovery in the world of astronomy. NASA scientists have discovered a gas giant planet around four times the size of Jupiter, 57 light years away from Earth. The large exoplanet, which orbits the Sun-like star; […]

NGC 1760

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Astronomy Picture of the Day: 01/18/14 – Dancing Squid This is NGC 1760 (also known as N11 or the Dancing Squid nebula), one of the most massive, active star-forming regions located in our local corner of the universe. More specifically, this region belongs to the northern part of a neighboring dwarf-galaxy of the Milky Way; […]


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Supergiants Supergiants are a classification of stars that have been categorized based on their large mass. However, those stars that have a large mass tend to burn much faster than others. This is why many types of stars can live for billions of years while a supergiant will not have as long of a lifespan. […]