Many of us have spend our summer nights outdoors gazing up at the stars. They are lovely and very pretty. When you seen one moving rapidly it is falling from the sky. It will never reach the Earth though as they gases from it burn up long before then. It is tradition to make a wish when you see a falling star. How well you are able to see the stars at night with the naked eye depends on the cloud cover as well as the pollution in your area.

Those that want to study the stars closer can do so under the work of astronomy. They will learn how to identify some of the different stars in the sky. Many of them make up constellations such as the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. They can often be seen with the naked eye. To see many elements of the stars up close though you need a telescope. It can make it appear as if the stars are right there in your own back yard.


Many of the stars are billions of years old according to the research that experts have conducted on them. The oldest one is believed to be just over thirteen billion years old. The sun is the largest star out there and one that is bright enough to burn even in the daylight. Stars are the formation of balls of gas that are able to stay in place due to the way gravity works in space. They are classified by age, their size, and the temperature.

Stars 2

While stars may look like nothing more than twinkling diamonds in the sky, they are certainly much more complex than that. They are full of gases and they are full of energy. The heat given off from a star can be more than 500,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is certainly plenty of fascinating facts to learn about stars. If you are interested you can take a course at your local college for fun. You can also buy a telescope for your family to enjoy using outdoors. Many children are very fascinated with space and with the stars. This is a great activity that your entire family can spend time doing together.

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