White Dwarf Stars

White Dwarf Star

White Dwarf Stars

Stars are made up of gases and energy that they use for fuel. The brighter a given star is the faster it will burn up the amount of energy that it has available. Once they do so they are categorized as White Dwarf stars. They have burned off the outer layers of it and so all that is left is the very hot center of the star called the core. It can continue to burn in this form for at least another million years or so.

The first written documentation of what is classified as a White Dwarf star was found to be dated back to 1783. Even though they didn’t have a name for it they were able to document information about what they were finding. There were two of them found and the pair was called Eridani B and Eridani C.

They are often very large stars that you will find in the sky. That make since the larger stars will be burning up more of their energy than the smaller ones. They are very interesting to researchers and a great deal about them still remains unknown. They are believed to be the most dense type of stars in the universe.

Dwarf Star

They also believe that White Dwarf stars have a very similar mass to that of the sun. They are also believed to be larger in size than the entire Earth. Most people don’t realize that such large forms of stars are out there. Most of us just think of the sun as a very large star and then the rest of them as very small since that is how we see them from the Earth. Researchers believe that about 6% of all of the stars in the sky fit the profile of being a White Dwarf.

If you are interested in learning more about White Dwarf stars there are complete books and websites dedicated to them. You can find out about the various facts that are known about them. You can also ask yourself the many unanswered questions that remain in reference to them. There are pictures, information on those that have been discovered, and even the names of them. You can find out all that the experts know about White Dwarf stars.


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