Motorcycle Subcultures


Motorcycle Subcultures

One of the roots of the motorcycle’s popularity is its
ability to cater to a wide variety of consumers. Proof of
this is the different subcultures among motorcycle fans and
owners. Below are some of them.


1. One percenters

– are several motorcycling groups that are famous for their
law-breaking activities. Their name is in reference to the
American Motorcyclist Association’s statement that the
troublemakers only comprise one percent of the motorcycling

Some of the notorious groups are the Pagans, Hells Angels,
Outlaws MC and the Bandidos. Known as the ‘Big Four’, they
are labeled by North American intelligence agencies as
Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

The Scooterist 1

2. Mods

– short for modernists, this is a subculture that
originated in London, England. It became popular in the
1950s towards the middle of the 1960s. One thing that is
associated with this group is their penchant for riding
motor scooters, especially the Vespa and the Lambrette
which are both Italian brands.


3. Extreme sports

– the thing associated with this group is their love for
adventure. The subgroups that fall under this are the
motocross riders, drag racers, and the stunt and trick


4. Groups according to brand

– then there are groups that prefer a particular brand of
motorcycle. They typically go out on weekends or on special
events and hold exhibits of their bikes.


5. Groups by model

– this is a more specific group which prefers a particular
make of a motorcycle made by a particular brand.

There are other biker subcultures all around the globe by
the ones mentioned above are by far the most popular.



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