8 Superpowers Of People With Anxiety Disorders.

People who have anxiety know how hard it is to perform their everyday activities when their anxiety strikes. Since these people tend to overthink about everything, they become even more anxious.

So, even if it seems like anxiety does just harm and nothing else, that is not always the truth. Just like people who are blind or deaf and have heightened senses, it is the same with people with anxiety.

They have some “superpowers,” and if you are dealing with anxiety, continue reading to find out if you possess some of these great powers.

1. Increased Empathy

People who suffer from anxiety are more worried about how others are feeling, than people who do not have this disorder. Their empathy is much higher than others’ empathy, and most people cannot understand it.

Also, people with anxiety notice emotions better than the rest of the people. And, the good thing here is that empathy is very important because we can help people who we may do not know.

2. Heightened Life-Saving Instinct

For those who do not know, anxiety comes from back in the time and it was used as a survival mode that let people be aware of everything that was happening around them.

To be more precise, we are talking about that strange and bad feeling while you are walking alone outside, or when you feel like something bad may happen.

According to a study in the European Journal of Psychology, people with anxiety noticed danger and were able to react faster to it than others. So, that is why, they are more capable of keeping themselves safe.

3. Sensing Other’s Energy

People with anxiety are able to sense if someone has a positive or negative vibe. And, being around negative people makes them feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, positive people make them feel better. People who do not have anxiety usually find it harder to spot an overly negative person.

4. Seeing Through Lies

These people, as we mentioned are always more prepared to save their lives than others. So, that makes them more careful, and capable of seeing through lies. Although you may think that they are weak, they are, in fact, much braver than you can imagine.

People with anxiety would be the first ones to notice if something does not seem right, if something that someone has said does not match, they will point it out. They just need a minute to take the courage in order to react.

5. Higher Intelligence

According to researchers from the SUNY Downstate Medical Centre, those with anxiety have higher intelligence than others. And, this is not a surprise since they overanalyze everything.

Interestingly, they know what the results would be of every situation they may find themselves in.

6. Creativity

Since people with anxiety often worry a lot about everything, we can say that their imagination is amazing. They can see many situations in many different and new ways. So, using their imagination makes them be even more creative.

7. Braveness

No matter how cool anxiety’s superpowers seem, when it strikes, life can be unbearable. Experiencing all of those feelings and having to deal with them needs a lot of confidence and courage. So, anxious people are in fact the strongest of all.

8. Capable of Making Great Decisions

People with anxiety tend to worry about everything, so when it comes to making decisions, they overanalyze and overthink everything.

So, according to Sunstein a law professor and Hastie a behavioral science professor, anxious people are great leaders. They are even better than people who are always positive.

No matter what your opinion about people with anxiety is, you should know that they are amazing people. Besides their anxiety and overthinking, they are capable of achieving great results in their lives.

Being ready about everything in life makes them special, and they are one of the strongest people living on this planet. Although you may be thinking that anxiety is all about worrying and doing nothing, it is far more than that.

While some people consciously choose to worry about things, anxiety is not a choice; it is not just a worry. It seems like some tripwire in your brain that is not working anymore, and you cannot find a way to control it.

And, often people with anxiety experience panic attacks which are difficult to explain if you have not experienced them. You can check out the video above to understand anxiety better if you are not an anxious person.

However, feeling your heart racing, having paralytic muscles, and feeling like you are going to die is definitely not a comfortable experience. That ‘fight or flight’ instinct is always close to the surface.

Source: http://gottadotherightthing.com/superpowers-people-anxiety-disorders/?c=eic


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