Self Mastery Defined


self mastery by definition

Self Mastery Defined

Self-mastery is a long process that requires skill, techniques, knowledge, experience, et cetera in order to complete the requirement of human beings. Complete is somewhat symbolic however, because it takes a lifetime to build such skills to its entirety. Still, you can build a good measure of self-mastery skills throughout your lifetime. Don’t let lifetime hold you back. In other words, avoid thinking that “I have a lifetime to complete my mission.” Instead, continue working each day to build your self-mastery skills. It is in your best interest.

Self Realization

When you build self-mastery skills, you will come to a level of realization and self-actualization. This is the highest level of development. Of course, you can go beyond, but when you reach this point, you will be in (near) complete control of your emotions, mental processes, and behaviors. It moves you into a professionalism state of mind, which brings other people closer to you. People will follow your lead. People will envy you. People will try to make your life miserable. Do not let this happen. Instead, stay in control of your life.


Self-mastery is the ability to take charge of your emotions. Instead of becoming angry when people set you off, you will think about the situation, find a solution, and move to solve the problem. Penny stuff, such as emotional upsets without justifiable cause is a waste of time, so take control of your emotions. When you are thinking over something important, such as making a business deal — you will be in charge of your mental processes when you reach self-mastery. Instead of making an abrupt decision and regretting it later, you will make better decisions as you move along. When you notice inappropriate or other behaviors that hold you back from success, with self-mastery under your belt, you will be able to assess these behaviors, recognize them – accept the behaviors – and move to make corrections. Self-mastery then gives you power and control of your own mind and body.


We spoke of self-realization and self-actualization, which at one point in self-mastery development you will reach. When you reach this level of knowledge, and consciousness, it will move you to self-analyze your inner self – this gives you the power to assess any problems you may have, faults you may need to deal with, or thoughts and behaviors that hold you back – more effectively. You are in control and have the power to make changes – because you have superb self-mastery skills.

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Self-mastery is a powerful skill that helps you along in life. When life gets you down, you can use your self-mastery skills – “pick up your torture stake,” and move to better grounds. A person with self-mastery skills will often create backup plans so that they are prepared for disaster or other emergencies. When one plan fails, the backup plans are executed. When the plans go into effect, the person will monitor progress, consider setbacks, failures, and positive results – the failures and setback do not hold them back, rather it is the “smoking gun,” that gives them the ammunition they need to take back their control and power – while continuing their journey to achieve their goals. Until these goals are met, the person with self-mastery skills will not give up. Instead, this person will continue – continue – continue – and will move forward until that goal is met. Often the person sets realistic goals in which this entity is aware that it is possible to obtain that goal.


If you are working on self-mastery, skills do not let anything hold you back. Instead, continue moving into the plans you have developed and reach for your goals.


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