Source: Photo:MATT BLACK/THE NEW YORK TIMES/REDUX By:GREGORY BARBER California is sinking. In the Central Valley, the most productive agricultural region in the US, some areas drop an inch or two per year. Telephone poles slump, roads crack, canals fail. In time, all that sinking adds up. A recent state survey found one patch of farmland off I-5 near […]

Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain — Explaining it to a 5 Year Old.

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A Simple Guide to Understand Blockchain with a Real World Analogy. This is a two part series. You can find the link to the follow up article at the end of this article. Everyone is talking about Bitcoin these days, from your barber to your friends working at stock market. Don’t worry this article is not […]

If the Public Blockchain Knows Your Password, Why Can’t the Public Know Your Password?

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Surely the public blockchains need to know what your password is in order to confirm that it is correct? But then, couldn’t someone figure out your password by looking at the blockchain data, which is all completely public? To understand the reason, you need to know a bit about public key cryptography. Imagine that you […]

Moving to an Era of highly scalable Blockchain networks.

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If there was one thing that has held back the mass adoption of Blockchain or weakness so to say has been the scalability issue. With Ethereum, one of the most popular Crypto platforms processing a mere 30 transactions per second as compared the mainstream player like VISA which processes almost 1000 times than that, a […]