A Primer on Medical Acupuncture

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A Primer on Medical Acupuncture Have you ever had an uncontrollable urge to be pierced by a dozen needles? This is the image most people get when someone mentions the word “acupuncture”. It comes as no surprise that most view this technique with suspicion, even downright horror. The fact is, however, that this relatively painless […]

Saving Energy-Help Save the Environment

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Saving Energy-Help Save the Environment As the cost of living continues to rise, energy reports and broadcasts are crammed with energy saving tips and suggestions. Some energy saving tips require initial investments, some just solicit a change of lifestyle. The best energy saving tips are those that require almost nothing but changing a habit. This […]

The Crystal Truth About Crystals and Gemstones

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The Crystal Truth About Crystals and Gemstones In life, not everything that is shining is made of gold, but who would not want these splendid minerals on their bodies, their jewelry or their clothes when they just simply spell amazing? The words crystals and gemstones have most often been used interchangeably, but here we’ll take […]

Eat Better: The Health Benefits of Organic Foods

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Eat Better: The Health Benefits of Organic Foods Organic foods have become easier and easier to obtain in recent years. Still, many consumers wonder if this type of food is healthy enough to be worth the often extra cost. Many of the benefits of organic foods have come to consumers through word of mouth and […]

Organic Clothing and Our Environment

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Organic Clothing and Our Environment Few of us would connect the idea of organic clothing with the Earth’s environment and yet, a strong connection between the two exists. In fact, now that global warming is becoming more of a fact than a probability, consumers need to think of the impact on the environment of even […]

Biofeedback: An Instrument of Relaxation

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Biofeedback:  An Instrument of Relaxation  In the 1970s, in some restaurants, you could find biofeedback machines.  They offered you all sorts of information about your body.  Today, biofeedback is still considered a legitimate way to attain relaxation.  It’s a technique that uses monitoring equipment in order to help control stress.  Biofeedback is rooted in the […]