Creating a Harmonious Feng Shui Home with Colors

Creating a Harmonious Feng Shui Home with Colors Color is something that Feng Shui makes use of in attracting positive energy into our living space. When you are planning your home’s color schemes, you should pick accordingly to the kind of energy you need. This guide will assist you in choosing the best colors for […]

Building Self Determination

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Building Self Determination We all have to adapt to the many changes that go on in our life, environment, in the workplace, cultures, and economy. It is often difficult to keep up with the rapid changes, let alone adapting to the shifts that take place each day. All these changes affect our life. It affects […]

Awareness and Self Determination

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Awareness and Self Determination In the common world, people often overloaded with information and advice. It seems every corner you turn; someone is trying to tell you how to build awareness and self-determination. With all the advertisements and information is often hard to decide what you must listen to. When it comes to assessing the […]

Self Mastery Defined

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  Self Mastery Defined Self-mastery is a long process that requires skill, techniques, knowledge, experience, et cetera in order to complete the requirement of human beings. Complete is somewhat symbolic however, because it takes a lifetime to build such skills to its entirety. Still, you can build a good measure of self-mastery skills throughout your […]

Self Mastery Alternatives in Psych

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Self Mastery Alternatives in Psych We spend our lifetime trying to solve problems. Most people despite how intelligent they may be will add to the problems instead of finding solutions to resolve the issues. Still, in many instances questions are answered, yet years down the road, the same researchers or other researchers will spend another […]

Harmonizing with Feng shui

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Harmonizing with Feng shui Perhaps one of the oldest forms of geomancy in the world is Feng shui which originated from China more than 3500 years ago. This ancient practice is literally translated as wind and water and is based on the belief that life can be greatly improved with the help of Qi or […]

Fun Ways to Display your Favorite Photos

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Fun Ways to Display your Favorite Photos Photos of family, friends and favorite places add a touch of personality, style, flair, and jazz to any room. Sometimes however it’s difficult to think of inventive and creative ways to display your treasured pictures. First you need to take a good look at the photos you want […]