7 Ways To Create More Powerful Mornings

By:Sinem Günel
Photo by Dapo Oni on Unsplash

I am working on it since more than one year now but I still didn’t figure out how to create my perfect morning routine.

However, I tried out many different strategies and I found out that those seven tricks work best if I want to start my day more powerful:

1.) Instantly stand up

It can be really hard to immediately stand up after waking up.

However, in my experience, it is what makes a huge difference.

I can lose up to one hour scrolling through my news feed if I don’t instantly stand up.

A highly inspiring video that I’ve watched on this topic is the following by Mel Robbins:

Mel Robbins basically invented something called the Launch Formula.

She explains how you start counting backward from 5, and once you hit zero you immediately stand up, just like a launching rocket.

And she even wrote a whole book on this concept:

2.) Drink a glass of water

Sounds easy, but is super powerful to get your metabolism going.

Would you spend 8 hours without drinking water on a normal day?

I don’t think so. But that’s what we do while sleeping. We basically get dehydrated and when waking up, hydrating our bodies is the first thing we should focus on.

Drinking a big glass of water right after waking up boosts your metabolism, helps your body flush out toxins and will help you to eat less.

What I additionally do is putting my supplements into my glass of water in the morning.

During the winter months, I take a drop of my vitamin D and I have my grapefruit seed extract, which is full of vitamin C.

3.) Sport

Doing some sports or any kind of movement, like stretching, can have a huge benefit on your body right in the morning.

Some of the many benefits of doing sport in the morning are that you will be likelier to consume fewer calories and also take more care of what you eat, that you lower your blood pressure and that you will have a much happier state of mind once you moved your body right in the morning.

For more benefits you can check this website:

4.) Cold shower

Cold showers sound like the nightmare of many people but the health benefits are undisputed.

Cold showers are the best way to increase your alertness and come with many more additional benefits.

Your immune system, as well as your circulation, will receive a huge boost, stress is eased and even muscle soreness and recovery can speed up through cold showers.

5.) Healthy breakfast

Eating a healthy, nourishing breakfast is something that we already get to hear from our parents when we are little children.

Even when we grow up and try to improve our performance and productivity, the right breakfast can have a huge impact.

First of all, a great breakfast decreases your appetite for the rest of the day, so that you will have fewer cravings and can focus much more on your work.

Other than that, our body basically needs the energy to perform at a high level.

Sure, there are people who are better off without breakfast, but in general, our bodies need fuel.

6.) Music to increase mood

Simple, but very powerful: Listening to some great music can increase your mood and energy in the morning.

love dancing, so turning on some music and moving my body is a great way for me to increase my mood before even hitting the bathroom in the morning.

I definitely can advise you to try it out!

It might feel stupid at the beginning, especially if you are dizzy and not the typical morning person but you will quickly get used to this amazing feeling!

Here’s a playlist that I can highly recommend:

Click here

7.) Read to get your brain going

I’ve tried reading in the morning in several different ways and overall I can say that it is a great thing to add to your morning routine.

Spoiler: What didn’t work for me was reading right after waking up before getting out of bed, I simply fall asleep again, no matter how great the book was.

However, reading even for 15 minutes before my actual day starts works wonders for me.

Reading in the morning is some kind of meditation for me, as it is a very calm state and helps me to get down after doing sports, showering and starting the day with a lot of energy.

It allows me to get inspired by new ideas and concepts and in most cases, my mind wanders and I do some reflecting while reading.

Even if you are absolutely not convincible to take a cold shower or if you don’t do sports at all, try reading for 15 minutes before leaving home and diving into your day. For me, it works wonders!

Bottom line

A morning routine can be a life saver.

When I start my day without having a plan, in most cases I fuck up my whole day.

Having this structure and practicing some powerful habits right in the morning basically gives me the power to conquer the rest of my day as well.