Meditation As Stress Management.

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By: Giga Stress is purely a mental problem. When the mind goes haywire, then the rest of your body will also do the same. You will become emotionally unstable when you’re under the throes of stress and you will mostly like feel the repercussions on your body, like muscle cramps, headache, and more. It is […]

3 Essential Virtues To Make Life A Little Easier.

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This is not about making you happy. Source: By:Daniel Whalen Look, your life is fine. A full-blown transformation of who you are might not be what the doctor ordered — I couldn’t offer that within a 1,000 word blog article, anyway. You are not required to undergo any changes if you choose not to. As it stands, you and […]

How to Read the Right Way: A Complete Guide.

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Source: By:Melissa Chu Reading is dead. The nature of books has evolved. Society and technology have changed. Forcibly, our approach to reading has taken on new forms to accommodate a different way of life. The question is: For better or worse? Although books give us new ideas, spark discussions, and explore topics in detail, the […]

20 Powerful Books to Increase Your Growth in 2019.

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Source: By: Jake Wilder Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash “Writers open our hearts and minds, and give us maps to our own selves, so that we can travel in them more reliably and with less of a feeling of paranoia or persecution,” said Alain de Botton in his four-point perspective on the importance of reading. And while the Internet […]

This Beautiful Anthony Bourdain Quote Is a Masterpiece of Emotional Intelligence.

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Six years ago, Bourdain ended the series “No Reservations” with one of his trademark epilogues–delivered in the way only he could. Source: By Justin Bariso We lost a lot of people in 2018. Few had as far-reaching an impact as celebrity chef, author, and television host Anthony Bourdain. I discovered Bourdain years ago through his television show No Reservations, in which […]

How To Make (And Keep) New Years Resolutions.

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You say you want a resolution. Source: By:Kris Gage Ah, a brand new year… I like new years. I like the fresh starts; the “spring cleaning;” the quiet. And I like setting resolutions — and I’m pretty good at keeping them. I’ve given up alcohol for months at a time, worked out more, eaten better, changed careers, started […]