Struggles of Being an Introvert With an Extrovert Best Friend

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Source: By:Maclin Lyons Photo by jens johnsson on Unsplash I love my best friend, but I don’t need to hang out with her all the time. I truly hope somebody can relate to this and that I don’t sound like a horrible person. I am an introvert. I am so much of an introvert that I took this […]

You Know What You Need To Do. You’re Just Scared.

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Source: By:Deb Knobelman, PhD Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash Or, lessons learned from slogging through a PhD. I have a lifelong love affair with math and science. Given my family, my parents took for granted that I would excel in those areas. And excel I did. At the end of college, I had no practical ideas about what […]

Are You Putting Too Much Pressure on Yourself to Keep Moving Forward?

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Source: By:Aimee Pearcy Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash A while ago, I wrote about why it’s so important to keep moving. And I still stand by that. But after spending the past few months following my own advice and zigzagging all over the place, I felt like the article needed a follow up. So I thought I’d try again — this […]

How To Make Progress When You Are Terrified.

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Source: By:Deb Knobelman, PhD Photo by Olivier Lemieux on Unsplash 4 strategies to move you toward your goals when you are frozen. You might not believe it right now, but we’re all terrified. All of us who set goals for ourselves. Who want to try something new. Something that feels big. Change careers. Run a marathon. Write a […]

Managing Yourself: How to Calibrate Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses,

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Source: By:Julie Zhuo Photo by athree23 via Pixabay. After I had my first baby, I took three months off from work before returning. I knew the transition back would be hard, but I was not prepared for a “Winter is Coming” kind of difficult. A few weeks in, I found myself overwhelmed by every little thing. My mind felt […]


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Source: By: JEFFREY VAN CAMP THE ECHO KICKED off the smart speaker trend a few years ago, but Amazon’s Alexa speaker is no longer alone. There are dozens of smart speakers on the market, and picking the best one keeps getting tougher. You need to decide which voice assistant you prefer (there are now four worth using—Alexa, […]