What Is Meditation? A Brief & Bullshit-Free Beginners Guide

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Source: https://medium.com/ By:Nils Salzgeber What do Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant, Arianna Huffington, Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld, Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Angelina Jolie, Sting, Lebron James, Hugh Jackman, and Madonna have in common? They are ultra-successful. And… they meditate. Tim Ferriss interviewed more than 200 highly successful people on his […]

You Won’t Change — Until You’ve Truly Had Enough.

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Source: https://medium.com/ By: Kris Gage Photo:Fredy Martinez via unsplash Getting fed up is incredibly motivating Getting disgusted is insanely powerful. Maybe not in the healthiest way — but very often in an irrevocable one. It’s important to note that this is not self-hatred. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s a sudden feeling of deep and authentic self-love; a wash of realization like […]

Tell Me What You Did Last Weekend and I’ll Tell You Who You Are.

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Source:https://medium.com/ By:Karen Nimmo What did you do last weekend? Head into the Great Outdoors? Party hard? Hole up in your room? Run around doing a whole lot of stuff you HAD to do for everyone else? Sneak back to work because that’s what you love best of all? Who cares? you ask. My weekend is MY business. Fair […]

5 Myths About Money I Busted After Bidding My Job Goodbye 6 Years Ago

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Source:https://theascent.pub/ By: Vishal Kataria Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash It’s been almost six years since I’ve had a “job” job. I freelanced for a consulting company for a year, but it wasn’t really a job. These years have turned out to be the most interesting roller coaster ride ever, though rollercoasters frighten me. They’ve been educative and made […]

Apply The Principles of Long-Term Investing to Everything.

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Source:https://medium.com/ By:Thomas Oppong Photo by David Beatz on Unsplash How to apply the most powerful force in the universe to every area of your life. You probably know the effects compound growth can have on an investment over a number of years. With a long enough time and a sufficiently high-interest rate, the growth is always impressive. Warren Buffett […]

35 Timeless Life Lessons & Quotes From John Wooden, The Greatest Coach Ever.

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Source: https://medium.com/ By: Nils Salzgeber John Wooden was a legendary basketball coach at the University of California, Los Angeles. During his last 12 years as a coach there, he won 10 championships, including seven in a row, and including an 88-game winning streak. Some people say he was the greatest basketball coach ever. Some say […]

25 Ways to Avoid Living Your Life on Someone Else’s Terms.

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Source:https://theascent.pub/ By: Anthony Moore Photo: wee lee on Unsplash “An individual is free only to the extent of his own self-mastery. Those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them.” -Steven Pressfield 1. Don’t Watch Commercials Commercials offer you virtually 0% value. They are psychologically designed to capture your attention and […]