Let your mind show you what it’s been working on.

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Feeling constantly distracted and not in the present moment? Here’s why. If I were to ask you what is your mind running in the background right now, how quickly could you come up with an answer? You could be responding to the obvious: that you’re reading this article, absorbing its content and deciding whether it […]

I Started Life From Scratch 7 Years Ago Today.

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Everybody I knew was going to NYC — and I was leaving. Leaving of my own, free, 21 year-old will. Moreover, I wasn’t going to the Bermudas or [fill in the blank with your furthest vacation destination]. I wasn’t going to stretch my legs on an Instagram-perfect beach. I was going 5000 miles away. To the place […]

Rewire your brain to beat procrastination.

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Turn off the phone, tune into yourself, and be productive when it counts. Have you ever found yourself staring at your phone or laptop, mindlessly checking social media or going down an internet rabbit hole when you’re supposed to be doing something else? So have I. My name is Brian, and I’m addicted to information. More […]

The deepest problem with deep learning.

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Some reflections on an accidental Twitterstorm, the future of AI and deep learning, and what happens when you confuse a school bus with a snow plow. On November 21, I read an interview with Yoshua Bengio in Technology Review that to a surprising degree downplayed recent successes in deep learning, emphasizing instead some other important problems in AI might require […]